Double tank trolley vacuum - Sealing bars 530 mm

MVS52DVX main

MVS52 DV X: the reliable and easy to use professional vacuum sealer

Designed in cooperation with some important chefs, the MVS X chamber vacuum sealers line has a series of avant-garde capabilities and highly technological content, with the utmost ease of use. Thanks to the collaboration with industry professionals, this line of vacuum packaging machines is equipped with specific functionalities for the needs of professional packaging.

The series models are equipped with a tactile control keypad that avoids any risk of liquid infiltration in the board, thanks to its hermetic application on the front of the bodywork. In addition, with a few touches on the control panel you can access up to 10 customized programs.

A special message on the display notifies you whenever you need to change the oil. In addition, an internal electronic sensor can read the vacuum realized in the chamber. It is also possible to calibrate these vacuum packaging machines according to the level of atmospheric pressure at different altitudes.

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technical features

Electric power supply208V 60Hz 3Ph
MAX power installed3,6 kW (208V 60Hz)
Maximum current13 A (208V 60Hz)
Dimensions of sealing bars530 mm
(no. 2 side bars per tank - Tot.4)
Packaging cycle
(Vacuum 99.9%)
Vacuum= 22 s
Air re-immission= 5 s
Vacuum pump40 mc/h
Work surface height893 mm
Machine dimensions
(lid open)
1278x784x1344 mm
Machine dimensions
(lid closed)
1278x784x985 mm
Machine weight
268/300 kg
Available chamber dimensions
399x519x200 mm
(2 tanks)

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Technical drawing

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