Trolley vacuum - Sealing bars 530 mm - Process tracking and labeller

MVS52XP main

MVS52 XP: vacuum sealer machine with carriage to track every operation

The flagship feature of the new range of vacuum packaging machines of the MVS series is the ability to trace the vacuum status within the package: a revolutionary opportunity, consistent with the innovative spirit of minipack®-torre.

On some of the models, it is possible to obtain a summary label that lists all the most salient information of each packing process.

In addition, the new design display is enhanced with additional features, offering a range of cutting-edge options in the food industry. At the same time, the control panel retains the same ease of use of the previous models, allowing you to quickly set the desired options. Thanks to the alert functions, the display also allows you to schedule all the assistance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the chamber vacuum sealer.

All the vacuum packaging machines in the XP series are CE/ETL/NSF Certified.

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  • A series of unique benefits
    • Newly-designed liquid crystal CONTROL DISPLAY: it provides extensive packaging information, quick and easy settings and option of programming technical work servicing on the machine at the premises of the end user
    • PRELIMINARY DIAGNOSIS of technical issues on the machine directly from the display via the check-up function without opening the machine
    • Option of retrieving the types of products that need to be packaged, divided by macro-categories (meat, fish, cheeses, vegetables, etc.)
    • Option of entering the type of inert gas (e.g. FOOD1-2-3) and setting (in a submenu) the percentage of gases forming the mix (e.g. O2=10% N=70% CO2=20%), thereby transferring the set data onto the label. This is a top function in case of external mixers
    • Option of selecting the subcategories (e.g. meat, veal, beef, chicken, pork, etc.) for each product macro-category
    • Automatic setting for packaging steps with suggested or default values after the selection of the subcategories, while the expiry date remains to be set (optional step)
    • EASY PULSE function to make programming easier, with the benefit for the operator of recalling functions that have already been set and settings
    • Printing option (to be programmed) to issue the vacuum certification label and choose the number of copies to be applied on the individual items of packaging created during each cycle
    • Electronic SOFT AIR designed with various speed settings. It allows the air gradually go back into the chamber without letting the packaging suddenly collapse (ideal for products with sharp areas)
    • CP-CONDITIONING PROGRAM function to start the pump. It is used to eliminate oil-liquid emulsions that settle in the pump’s tank. Recommended after the machine has not been used for extended periods of time
    • EXTERNAL VACUUM option to create a vacuum inside a container outside the machine and connected to the tank with a tube
    • The vacuum can be created by setting the time and disabling the vacuum sensor detection.
  • Main new features show on the display
  • Over to the chef

technical features

Electrical power supply230V 50/60Hz 1Ph
MAX power installed2 kW
Maximum current9 A
Dimensions of the sealing bars530 mm
(no. 2 side bars)
Packaging cycle (Vacuum 99.9%)Vacuum= 22 s
Air re-immission= 5 s
Vacuum pump20 mc
Work surface height893 mm
Machine dimensions (lid open)618x785x1277 mm
Machine dimensions (lid closed)618x785x983 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross)130/155 kg
Available chamber dimensions (Tank+lid)399x540x155 mm

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Technical drawing

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