Automatic bundling machines: the new minipack-torre machines

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Looking for a sleeve wrapper for your manufacturing plant? Discover the minipack-torre range of automatic bundling machines here: with a single or double belt, 90-degree loading, PLC and many other different features for each model.
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With minipack-torre automatic bundling machines, multipacks can be obtained with already grouped items as well as items yet to be grouped In addition to historical automatic bundling machines with single or double motorised belts, and to the most recent machines with 90-degree loading for product groups, the range has been further extended to include over 30 different models. Below there is a short description of some of them.


Automatic bundling machines with single or double motorised belts

The historic automatic bundling machines are those with single or double motorised belts. They are ideal machines to package single products, namely multipacks that are however obtained from already grouped products.


MS 70L - Automatic bundling machine with in-line infeed



MS 70 AL - Automatic bundling machine with double motorised belt


HS and PLC versions

The line of bundling machines with loading and unloading belts has been enriched with new machines in the High Speed version, i.e. equipped with inverters that increase loading, unloading and packaging speed. They are PLC-controlled electrical machines: the electrical panel embedded in the machine (with forced ventilation) is controlled by a Siemens or Schneider PLC. The PLC is also used to check the sealing bar and tunnel temperature.



HS 70 AL - Automatic bundling machine with PLC as well as loading and unloading belts


Automatic bundling machines with 90-degree loading

The most recent 90-degree loading automatic bundling machines are designed to package single-item multipacks: it is the machine itself that creates the tray or, more generally, the grouping.  They are usually used to bundle small groups of cans, bottles, tins, etc.



MS 90 -1 - Automatic bundling machine with 1 track 90-degree loading belt and pneumatic pusher


PLC versions

Also in this case, automatic bundling machines are currently available with 90-degree belts, and controlled by Siemens or Schneider PLCs.


MS 40 -1 PLC - Automatic bundling machine with Schneider PLC, 1 track 90-degree loading belt


HS versions

They are also available in the High Speed version, with one or more inverters to reach a higher loading, unloading and packaging speed.


HS 70 -1E 1 PISTA (1 TRACK) - Automatic bundling machine with PLC, 1 track 90-degree loading belt, pneumatic pusher and unloading belt


Automatic in-line bundling machines

If what you need is a machine to be integrated into the production line, the right range is provided with a divider: bundle loading and creation are sped up and tailored to the speed at which products are conveyed within the line.


R 70 20 V - Automatic sealing bar bundling machine with PLC, multiline divider (6 tracks), automatic loading of cardboard bundles or trays, tray former


Automatic seamless film bundling machines

WRAPJET seamless film bundling machine models are the ultimate innovation: they operate without a sealing bar because the film self glues while going through the tunnel, so that it is not necessary to stop the product on the belt. This significantly increases packaging speed and saves time (and money). WRAPJET machines are all PLC-controlled.


WRAPJET 20 V - Automatic seamless film bundling machine with PLC, multiline divider (6 tracks) and automatic loading of cardboard bundles or trays, tray former


What to package with minipack-torre automatic bundling machines

Our automatic bundling machines can package many different products:

  • food – bottles and various types of jars
  • paper reams
  • home accessories – ironing boards, folding ladders, etc.
  • furniture components – wooden boards, metal plates
  • car batteries
  • plastic hoses

and a lot more.

You will choose one or another bundling machine based on the size of your products and the final packaging, the required speed and the type of application.


Our range of Bundling machines is really wide; if you want more information on a specific model, get in touch and we will be pleased to offer you our advice.


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