Automatic packaging machines: savings which lead to productivity

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The automatic packaging machines guarantee a number of advantages that improve efficiency and productivity. Let us discover them in this article.
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There are various solutions available on the market today for wrapping and packaging products, with different characteristics depending on the specific needs required. One of the main distinctions in packaging machines is undoubtedly that of automatic packaging machines and manual or semi-automatic packaging machines: a remarkable difference, which has a significant impact on the operating modes of the machine.

The manual or semi-automatic packaging machines are a very good solution for small and tiny businesses, in which packaging is carried out sporadically or on insignificant quantities of goods. But for medium and large businesses, and for smaller businesses operating in certain sectors, it is advisable to have an automatic packaging machine whose automated packaging process allows time and labour to be saved, thereby making the company production process more fluid and efficient.

Here are the benefits of using automatic packaging machines:

  • Reduced number of operators: the automatic operation allows the machine to perform most of the packaging steps completely autonomously, thereby relieving operators who follow most of the process of their work. The human resources of the company can therefore be employed in alternative activities, delegating the more operational and repetitive parts of the job to the machines.
  • More efficient use of time: one of the main differences between automatic packaging machines and manual or semi-automatic packaging machines is the ability to treat many more packs within the same amount of time. This quality results in a considerable increase in the efficiency of the production process, with significant time savings.
  • More precision: some of the best automatic packaging machines are equipped with an extremely useful measure: the piece counter. This feature allows the number of packed and stored pieces to be tracked with absolute precision, thereby allowing for a double check on production volumes which are stored.


Minipack®-torre has been producing top quality automatic packaging machines for almost fifty years, providing businesses of all sizes with advanced machinery. We build automatic wrapping machines as well as automatic vacuum packaging machines plus a professional vacuum line entirely dedicated to industrial applications, the SWING LTD series.

You are simply spoilt for choice amongst our highly reliable products, guaranteed by European certifications!


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