Automatic sleeve wrapper: high performance and resistance

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An automatic sleeve wrapper is integrated with the production lines to ensure particularly resistant multipack packages: these are the minipack®-torre solutions
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An automatic sleeve wrapper is the most suitable packaging solution when you want to fulfil two conditions: packaging with particularly resistant materials and the option of packing in multipack packs, namely, with multiple products in a single package.

These machines are ideal for medium and large-sized industrial activities where products are packaged on a daily basis, such as bottles, cans, jars and all types of beverages, generally packed in multiple unit packs. Automatic mode guarantees autonomous operation to these machines, thereby relieving the personnel from part of the work and integrating perfectly with the existing production lines.

minipack®-torre automatic sleeve wrappers

Minipack®-torre builds a range of automatic sleeve wrappers suitable for different packaging requirements, guaranteed by the professionalism of the Gramegna brand, a historic brand in the sector, recently acquired by minipack®-torre. The minipack® automatic sleeve wrappers guarantee high performance, resistance and reliability, ideal for those looking for long-lasting machinery.

Below are the common qualities in all automatic sleeve wrapper models:

  • Single-unit structure: all machines feature an extremely compact monobloc structure, ideal for minimising encumbrances and saving space in business premises.
  • Great flexibility: the suggested sleeve wrappers do not only pack bottles, cans and jars, but are flexible and versatile enough to pack any type of product, provided this is within the machine's size limits. Furthermore, the automatic sleeve wrappers can work on both single and multiple packages.
  • Different levels of automation: in addition to the motorised belt and the automatic wrapping of film reels, the machines are equipped with an automatic control system of line input and output exchange signals and integrated temperature control of the sealing bar and tunnel, carried out by PID temperature controllers. The speed of the internal conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the specific line speed requirements.

All automatic sleeve wrappers can also be set to operate semi-automatically whenever discontinuous packaging is required, which is irregular and beyond the production line.


Discover all the minipack®-torre sleeve wrapper models!


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