Food product packaging: shrink wrapping

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Pratika 56 MPE stainless steel: the perfect solution for food packaging
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Food product packaging is topical. Hygiene and  the guarantee that the product is not contaminated by external factors  are essential for those who work in this field. Food shrink wrapping guarantees a  good and practical solution. Pratika 56 MPE stainless steel is the perfect machine to pack products like fruits, vegetables, baked products, meat or fish. Pratika 56 MPE stainless steel user-friendliness and its fast format change are important assets for companies which deal with these products. With shrink packaging you can create a second skin onto the product: it is wrapped by food contact suitable film, generally polyolefin, and passes through a shrinking tunnel. Warm  does not act on  food but acts on the  film only thus  making  it adhere onto the product. In this way  you can obtain very aesthetically perfect and hygienically safe results. Food  is protected against moisture, dust and any bacterial contamination.

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