Looking for a compact, small footprint packaging machine? Discover Pratika 55 Smart

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If your business premises are small and you have little room for new machinery, the ideal solution is a compact packaging machine, which will save you square metres and resources.
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Pratika 55 Smart is an automatic machine designed for small businesses; its name says it all - Smart, namely a compact, agile, fast, efficient packaging machine: in a word, evolved.

There are various reasons why we recommend it to all those who are looking for an excellent, compact packaging machine, and they are explained below.


Pratika 55 Smart: automatic heat-shrink wrap machine with built-in tunnel

Pratika 55 Smart is a heat-shrink wrap packaging machine: in the first packaging step, packaging is sealed (with L-sealing); in the second step, heat is applied to the film that retracts until it perfectly adheres to the product surface. In this way, the package is hermetically sealed with excellent aesthetic results.

It is a compact packaging machine because the tunnel is built in. A real revolution in the world of automatic packaging machines, the built-in tunnel makes it possible for you to install Pratika even in small rooms. Overall, it is a much smaller unit than other minipack-torre heat-shrink wrap machines (including perimeter belts, it takes up a surface area of just 13.6 m2), and can be installed even at an angle, which is a major advantage.


The single-operator come-back system

Pratika 55 Smart is not only a compact but also cutting-edge machine as it allows you to optimise resources. Thanks to the come-back belt system, patented by minipack-torre (and unique in the world), Pratika can be fully managed by a single operator.

The conveyor belt follows a straight path in traditional packaging machines: the storage area for the products to be packaged is located at the beginning of the machine, and the storage area for packaged products at the end of it.

With Pratika 55 Smart, things do change: the belt follows a horseshoe-shaped path, so that the packaged products and the products to be packaged can be stored in adjacent areas, at the beginning of the machine, and a single operator can easily take care of both operations.


A compact, smart packaging machine also for the film used

Not only are Pratika dimensions and its come-back system very smart indeed - even the heat-shrink film used is smart. It is a polyolefin film perfectly working even at low temperatures that is characterised by:

  • excellent optical properties
  • high mechanical and tear resistance
  • suitable for food contact
  • excellent sealability
  • smart opening




Are you thinking of purchasing Pratika 55 Smart for your business? Get in touch: we will provide you with free consultation and a no-obligation quote.


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