Our range of PRATIKA automatic packaging machines

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Our PRATIKA range is the absolute synthesis of minipack®-torre’s technology in the automatic packaging field with the heat-shrink plastic film.
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All the models of the range are the result of thorough market research with an increasing focus on the development of a high-performance user-friendly product.

Although the PRATIKA range comes with normal high-tech equipment featuring excellent reliability and versatility, it stands out compared to other models because of its special features, which lead it to be a tangible solution to specific packaging needs.

The common feature of the range is the Schneider Electric technology for the electric and electronic part, which ensures reliability and widespread and efficient availability in terms of spare parts.

All the models of the PRATIKA range have an electronic infeed and outfeed door that is associated with the additional product loading/unloading belts. These can be easily removed for the purposes of maintenance and can be combined with a shrinkage tunnel.

The belts that come as standard all comply with the strictest regulations in force in the food-processing sector (FDA) and are 100% antistatic.

Packaging with the models of the PRATIKA range can be adapted to any sector: food, commerce, graphics, large retailers, industry and textiles.

The whole range has a series of high-tech devices and features, along with quality and safety: the general automatic control, the built-in troubleshooting to make it easier to analyse machine faults and find solutions, an Ethernet port, a micro-drilling device with film tension control to save material, an inverter that controls the speed of the infeed/outfeed belts, an electronic cycle counter and a series of features with a control logic to ensure safety for the operator.

PRATIKA is the concrete automatic packaging solution by minipack®-torre thatguarantees reliability and versatility, which is essential for those who need high performance and do not want to forgo user-friendliness.

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