Packaging machine for bread: how to protect it from dust and external agents

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A packaging machine for bread is the perfect solution if you have to pack your backery products. Discover the best machine for your business!
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Those who produce bakery products know that a packaging machine for bread can make the difference: in fact, it determines the final quality of the food, with regards to taste and fragrance.

The packaging is not simply an aesthetic function: it protects the bakery products such as cakes, bread and pizza from dust and all those tiny insects, such as grain weevils, particularly fond of starchy foods. The packs also protect the products from moisture and heat.

Therefore, the packaging machine for bread is perfect for distribution in hospitals, where maximum attention is paid to bacterial protection.

Thanks to the multi-packaging system which allows the several products to be packaged within a few minutes, it is also the ideal solution for anyone involved in supplying supermarkets and motorway services.

There are two types of machines: manual packaging machines, which require a person to operate them correctly, and automatic packaging machines, which guarantee excellent productivity although they operate fully autonomously.

Below are the reference sectors.

  • The manual packaging machine for bread is perfect for those who must pack small quantities of product, such as bakeries and small supermarkets. A manual packaging machine is in fact easy to use and extremely accurate. For this kind of business it is recommended to use a chamber packaging machine: the packages will not only be perfectly sealed but also beautiful to look at: maximum customer satisfaction!
  • Therefore, a manual packaging machine might not be practical for companies that produce on a large scale as it should be monitored and handled throughout the packaging process. Instead, it is better to rely on an automatic packaging machine that allows for a large amount of products to be packed within a short time and without sacrificing quality. A modular semi-automatic packaging machine can be the right solution for those looking for versatility because it offers the possibility of choosing whether to thermo-retract the film on the product or simply seal the packaged.


Discover the packaging machines for bread by Minipack®-Torre and choose the one best suited to your business!



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