Packaging machine: how to maximise production with a simple app

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An app to manage a packaging machine: an innovative solution that may significantly boost efficiency and comfort. Do you want to find out more? In this article we will explore this topic.
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In line with its fundamental commitment to develop pathbreaking solutions in the industry of professional packaging machines, Minipack®-Torre has recently equipped its automatic packaging machines with innovative solutions, such as an optional Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to this function, the machine may be controlled in remote mode from a PC, tablet or smartphone through a specific app.

Given the unstoppable rise of digital technologies and the small industrial revolution that is beginning to change our concepts of production, a connection between machinery and devices is becoming a basic requirement, which brings a number of major advantages. Managing packaging machines via apps may significantly contribute to increasing productivity while optimising and streamlining production cycles. Let us discover in detail all the advantages of this technological solution:

  • Reduced machine management times: digital interfaces allow users to access the controls of the packaging machine in an easy and intuitive way. With an app, users may control all available functions in a comprehensive and systematic way, enabling and disabling them simply at the touch of a button. Moreover, it is possible to control several packaging machines from a single device.
  • 24/7 machine monitoring: with an app it is possible to check at any moment the status of the connected machines, and hence to verify at any time whether they are working. Moreover, the app can send notifications to the user device in case of alerts coming from the packaging machine.
  • Remote assistance: with an Internet connection it is also possible to provide a highly innovative service, i.e. remote assistance. Wireless technology allows technical personnel to access the fundamental machine data from remote, and hence to provide the necessary information and troubleshooting advice in case of malfunctions.
  • Remote programming: of course, when a packaging machine is controlled through an app it can be programmed from remote, which eliminates the cost of deploying personnel on site whenever an adjustment or other operation is required.

With Minipack®-Torre packaging machines all this is possible, thanks to the precious cooperation with Schneider-Electric, a leading multinational company for the design and manufacture of electrical and digital systems.


Do you want the best comfort? Then look no further and discover the range of Minipack®-Torre automatic packaging machines!


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