Packaging machines: the beauty of a piece counter

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In this article we’ll find out about all the benefits of packaging machines with a piece counter and the best models to pack any kind of product.
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Medium-sized and large manufacturers relying on automated processes clearly cannot constantly monitor the operation of packaging machines: this is precisely why they choose automatic machines that pack products without requiring direct intervention of personnel, thereby considerably increasing production efficiency.

At the same time, there might still be the need to keep a track record of the machines’ work by extrapolating valuable data that can be added to statistics about corporate productivity and can be used to further streamline processes. In this case, packaging machines fitted with a piece counter – an essential feature on the best machines available on the market – can be very helpful.

But let’s take a look at all the benefits of a packaging machine with a piece counter:

  1. The piece counter allows you to constantly monitor the amount packed during the day. This gives you useful information both for warehouse and logistics management purposes, and to calculate the productivity of the machines.
  2. You’ll be constantly updated on investment costs: the piece counter lets you accurately quantify the products going in and coming out of the production line and gives you the packaging times. This data helps you calculate the estimates on investment costs.
  3. You’ll avoid waste: a benefit of packaging machines with a piece counter is the option of setting them within certain speed limits to ensure that, in a specific time interval, they pack exactly the required amount, not less or more. This way you can easily avoid packing more than the set daily limits.
  4. Having packaging machines with a built-in piece counter also means avoiding having to buy other similar technology, incurring costs to install them in the company and integrating them on the production line.


minipack®-torre packaging machines

If you are looking for packaging machines with a built-in piece counter, minipack®-torre can provide you with a range of high-tech packaging machines with added optional features that can significantly help increase corporate productivity.

We are referring to the PRATIKA range, a line of automatic machines resulting from the ten-year-long experience of minipack®-torre, important innovations and partnerships with multinational companies of the likes of Schneider Electric. PRATIKA packaging machines are available in seven models and are ideal to pack any kind of product, objects, food and pharmaceuticals.


Find out more about all the models of the PRATIKA range!



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