Packaging water bottles with a sleeve wrapper machine

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If you are reading this article, you are most likely looking for a fast and effective way to pack water bottles, better still if without wasting energy. Did you know that bundle packaging is the solution to all these requests?
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Water bottle packaging is one of the most classical applications of bundle packaging. They are constantly before our eyes, sometimes we curse them when we have to carry water bottles up and down the stairs at home. This article explains how this specific packaging process takes place.

How water bottles are packaged

Packaging with the sleeve wrapper machine is the production step that precedes the palletisation of bundles and their shipment to the large-scale retail chains.

During this passage the bottles, once at the packaging machine, are divided into groups (generally to create 4 to 6 bottle packs) and then wrapped with shrink film, forming the so-called bundle. The bundles are, therefore, ready for the application of the handle with which to transport the water bottles to their destination.

The advantages of packaging with sleeve wrappers

This type of packaging not only allows you to have a more tidy warehouse, but carries several advantages:

  • It allows to comfortably carry more bottles at the same time;
  • Invites the customer to buy more bottles together, instead of a few at a time;
  • It is possible to print shrink film with the graphics you want;
  • It is easier to order the bottles on pallets for delivery and then expose them in the supermarket;
  • No additional clearance is added.

Packaging water bottles: different packaging formats

The minipack®-torre automatic sleeve wrappers are the best solution for those who want to integrate the packaging machine directly into the production lines of water or soft drinks in general. It is possible to package single or multiple products through the application of special polyethylene shrink film.

The Gramegna brand automatic sleeve wrappers are characterised by great compactness, high performance and excellent safety standards, ensures by a photocell that blocks the sealing bar activity in the presence of obstacles.

A sleeve wrapper is a packaging machine optimised for the use of polyethylene film, suitable for packaging that requires a thicker film. Usually, the sleeve wrappers are used to package plastic bottles, various types of jars, cans. However, these machines are flexible enough to pack all kinds of products, both single and multiple.

All our sleeve wrappers are certified according to current European regulations. The rich equipment of optional and functionality allows these machines to be particularly versatile, suitable for every packaging need.


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