Packing machines: welcome to Industry 4.0

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The fourth industrial revolution is the new trend to automate industrial processes with a view of increased efficiency and productivity. Minipack®-torre rides the tide: the packing machines from the PRATIKA range are certificate 4.0 compliant.
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The packing machines from the PRATIKA range are among the new arrivals at minipack®-torre. The series was launched in 2013, bringing great innovations: in fact, it was designed in collaboration with certain important industrial businesses such as Schneider Electric, a company well known for its production of electrical components.

Machines from the PRATIKA range are all automatic shrink packing machines, designed to create perfect packages both with regard to practicality and appearance: quick and precise, PRATIKA machines are ideal to be integrated in production lines of large industrial businesses. Applications range from the food, textile, and pharmaceutical industries.

The range has two models:

  • Angular machines. Versatile and user friendly, they are characterised by quality and reliability.
  • Continuous sealing machines They can produce a very large number of packages (with no length limits) with minimum energy consumption.

Packing machines: the 4.0 requirements of PRATIKA

The packing machines from the PRATIKA range fall within the list of assets indicated in the national Industry 4.0 plan since they comply with all the compulsory requirements listed in the circular of reference. There are 5 functions that identify the machines from the range as examples of industry 4.0:

  1. Completely automatic system. All PRATIKA machines are automatic, thus simplifying the work of operators and significantly increasing the device’s production. They can store information regarding the products packaged most frequently and call them up when needed: the machine automatically adjusts the height of the triangles and sealing bar in an instant. Certain versions are provided with a standard CS (Center Sealing) control: the bar automatically seals at the point indicated as the product’s centre.
  2. Interconnection with computer systems. They are provided with a control logic managed by the company’s PLC.
  3. Remote maintenance and control. All basic models can be provided with additional optional functions such as remote assistance and remote control.
  4. User friendly interface. Colour touch screen control panel, intuitive software, interface for USB communication, customised operator/maintenance technician user mode, description of troubleshooting: these functions, together with other functions, make it easy to interface with PRATIKA.
  5. Focus on safety. The machines are protected with a cover that safeguards the operator, door opening with a safety micro switch, acoustic and visual alarm signal.

As a result of these technological functions, the PRATIKA range has obtained the official certificate of product “4.0 compliant”.

The Original Pioneer: a philosophy of transversal innovation

Although the PRATIKA range is definitely the most technological range amongst minipack®-torre packing machines, the innovative spirit also permeates the other models of packing machines: digital control panels, automatic adjustment and safety control systems, PLC logic control are included in various models.

On the other hand, innovation is our distinctive trait: in fact, 5% of our revenue is invested in the Research&Development department. In the new minipack®-LAB, we design and develop packaging machines that are always new, and operating systems focused on the future: we manufacture new quality, constantly in search of the best packaging solutions. The Original Pioneer: our philosophy is transversal innovation with a view of “always better”.


Visit the page dedicated to the range of minipack-torre packing machines to discover all the functions and applications of our products!

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