Primary packaging: what it is and what it consists of

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Learn how primary packaging protects, communicates and affects the success of your product and find the ideal packaging machine for you.
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Packaging is a fundamental part of a product’s production cycle; however, not all forms of packaging are the same. Primary packaging, in particular, plays a crucial role in product protection, preservation and presentation. But what exactly is primary packaging and what does it consist of? 

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What is meant by secondary packaging?

Primary packaging is the first protection that wraps the product, the part of the packaging in direct contact with it. 

If you are buying a pack of cookies, for example, the primary packaging is the plastic wrap that encloses the cookies, the part that protects the product from contamination and keeps them fresh over time, until the package is opened.


In the video: Miniflow 400 Evo, minipack-torre flow pack machine, busy with the primary packaging of cookies.


Primary and secondary packaging: what is the difference?

If primary packaging is the first protection that wraps the product, secondary packaging is used to group more product units together, providing additional protection. 

Take the example of cookies again: the carton containing several primary packages of cookies is a type of secondary packaging.

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In the video: Pratika 55 Smart busy with the secondary packaging of cookie boxes.


The importance of primary packaging

Primary packaging done right is essential for several reasons: 

  • First of all, it ensures food preservation and food safety. Good primary packaging protects the product from air, light, and moisture, all of which can deteriorate the product or reduce its shelf life;
  • primary packaging also plays a key role in ensuring product hygiene. Particularly in the food industry, good primary packaging prevents contamination by bacteria and other harmful substances;
  • lastly, it maintains the integrity of the packaged product, protecting it from bumps and vibrations during transport and display.

In addition to these protective functions, primary packaging also plays a crucial role in communicating the company and the product. Attractive and effective primary packaging can stimulate customer interest, influence purchasing decisions, and enhance the consumer experience. The design, colors, and information on the primary packaging are critical in conveying the brand values and distinctive features of the product.


Find the ideal machine for your primary packaging

Choosing the right type of primary packaging for your products is not an easy task. It depends on the type of product, the specific storage and protection needs, and the marketing objectives of the company.

If you need help finding the ideal packaging solution for your products, please do not hesitate to request a consultation. Our experts are available to guide you in choosing the right machine for your needs, ensuring quality primary packaging that protects, communicates and sells.


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