Sealing machines: What Qualities Should They Possess?

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Are you in need of a bag sealer? Let's explore the key qualities to consider when making a choice and the top models in the Minipack range.
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Sealing machines are manual machines primarily used in supermarkets or grocery stores to swiftly and efficiently seal plastic bags. Since these machines are often in close contact with customers, they need to be not only efficient but also possess other essential features.

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Minipack-branded Sealing Machine


Tabletop manual sealing machines

manual sealing machine

Tabletop manual sealing machine come in five models with varying sealing bar sizes: 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 millimeters, catering to different sealing needs. In all models, the sealing bar width is 3 millimeters.

Designed to be used directly on the workbench, these devices offer convenient operation and serve as an excellent solution for the airtight closure of bags quickly and practically.

Thanks to their user-friendly design and convenience, tabletop manual sealing machines effectively seal bags containing various types of food, ensuring freshness preservation and protection from external elements.


Tabletop Vacuum Packagers

vacuum sealing machines

If you desire a more professional result than traditional sealing machine, consider using tabletop vacuum packagers. These devices, equipped with additional features and customizable options, provide a higher level of precision and control during the packaging process by removing air from the bag, achieving vacuum levels of up to 99%.

Advanced variants of tabletop vacuum packagers allow for more accurate adjustment of packaging parameters, ensuring impeccable airtight sealing. These professional tools are ideal for environments where food preservation is crucial, such as restaurants, food labs, or commercial establishments.

Investing in tabletop vacuum packagers can lead to more precise results and extended food preservation.

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Vacuum Bags

Minipack also offers a wide assortment of vacuum bags specifically designed for food preservation.

Made with non-toxic materials composed of different layers of polyamide, vacuum bags provide high effectiveness as a protective barrier, preserving the organoleptic properties of food, protecting and preserving products for an extended period.


Essential Qualities of a Sealer

When purchasing a bag and sealer, it's crucial to evaluate its features and performance. Among the fundamental qualities of a sealer, we find:

  1. Ease of Use: The best sealers seamlessly combine efficiency with user-friendliness. Machines should be easy to use and intuitive so that staff can use them effortlessly for any requirement.
  2. Sealing Speed: In crowded supermarkets and stores, speed is indispensable. When choosing bag sealers for use at the counter, ensure that the machines are fast and high-performing. This characteristic is largely a result of the overall quality of the machinery, which, in the best cases, can guarantee maximum performance even in the long run.
  3. Design: When bag sealers are on display, machines with a clean and elegant design can make a difference for your store. In food-related businesses, aesthetics play a significant role, conveying a professional image and, importantly, a sense of cleanliness that reflects on the perceived quality of the food for sale.


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