Sleeve wrapper: Minipack®-torre's quality

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Good news for those looking for a high quality sleeve wrapper: minipack®-torre has recently enriched its range of packaging machines.
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The minipack®-torre family grows, with a range of innovative sleeve wrappers, available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. The rich features in these machines is striking, they make the packaging machines extremely versatile, capable of fulfilling very different packaging requirements.

Automatic and semi-automatic sleeve wrapper: minipack®-torre branded efficiency

Whether you need a semi-automatic sleeve wrapper with a pedal-driven pusher, or your large company needs a fully automatic machine (i.e. equipped with a motorised belt before and after the sealing bar) to integrate into the production line, minipack®-torre offers you a professional solution.

The range of sleeve wrappers includes the MS semi-automatic and MS L and AL automatic versions. The latter can also be converted into semi-automatic: just by using the control selector integrated in each model.

They share a number of features:

  • The option of packaging individual or multipack packs
  • Main single-unit structure, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Automatic wrapping system of the film reels with dragging rollers
  • Heat shrinking tunnel with air recirculation system

Upon request, additional options may be installed: a signal that indicates the end of the reel, film insertion rollers that facilitate replacement, a reel centring system and an outfeed pack cooling unit. When frequent movements are required, wheels can be applied to the bottom of the machine.

The safety of a professional sleeve wrapper

A non-secondary feature for a professional sleeve wrapper is compliance with the safety standards. All minipack®-torre packaging machines are equipped with a special photocell, which blocks the movement of the sealing bar as soon as foreign body is detected on its trajectory.

For some models, a few optional extras can be integrated to enhance the safety level, for example:

  • Side rails inside the tunnel for product protection
  • Guides for pack containment after the sealing bar.

All the machines are compatible with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Discover here the complete line of minipack®-torre branded sleeve wrappers

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