The Best Bottle Wrapping Machines to Accelerate Production

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With the right equipment, your production will be faster, more efficient, and more profitable. Discover the most efficient shrink wrapping models in the Minipack range.
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In the world of beverage industry, having the right packaging machine can make the difference between smooth production and one full of hiccups. One of the crucial choices to make is which bottle wrapping machine to use.

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What Are the Most Efficient Wrapping Machines on the Market?

When it comes to searching for the most efficient wrapping machines, there are several options to consider. The main models available fall into two categories: bar-sealing wrappers and film-throwing wrappers.

The main differences between the two types of wrapping machines concern the method of wrapping the film around bottles or products to be packaged:

  • Bar-sealing Wrappers: These machines use a hot bar to seal the plastic film around the product. The process begins with wrapping the film around the bottles, and then the hot bar seals and cuts the film.
  • Film-throwing Wrappers: This line includes machines equipped with a system that eliminates the need for a sealing bar. This way, the wrapping and sealing process occurs quickly and without interruptions, allowing for continuous production and a significant reduction in packaging times.


In the video: the operation of a bottle wrapping machine using the film-throwing mode.


The Fastest Bottle Wrapping Machines in the Minipack Range

The fastest bottle wrapping machines in the Minipack range represent the pinnacle of technology in bottle packaging in Italy. These machines are designed to handle high production speeds while ensuring impeccable and secure packaging.

The Minipack range offers several options that can adapt to the needs of different industries:

  • Wrapjet 30: This is an extremely fast and versatile film-throwing wrapper (accomplishing up to 30 packages per minute). It is perfect for medium to large-sized companies and ensures high-quality packaging.
    fardellatrice bottiglie wrapjet-30
  • Wrapjet 30-F: This version of Wrapjet 30 offers greater flexibility and can be used to package multi-filed products with polyethylene film, with or without a cardboard tray. This dual functionality makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.
    fardellatrice bottiglie wrapjet-30-f
  • Wrapjet 30 Integral: This model packages any product with or without the support of a tray or cardboard flap. It combines speed and efficiency with ease of use, achieving up to 30 packages per minute.
    fardellatrice bottiglie wrapjet-30-integral
  • Wrapjet 30 V: This variant is suitable for packaging multi-filed products with the film + cardboard tray mode. It is equipped with PLC, multi-line divider (6 tracks), and automatic loading of cardboard trays + tray former.
    fardellatrice bottiglie wrapjet-30-v

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What Benefits Can You Obtain With a Minipack Wrapping Machine?

The use of a high-quality bottle wrapping machine offers numerous benefits to companies, including:

  • Efficiency: Wrappers are designed to operate at high speeds, reducing downtime and maximizing production.
  • Savings: Secure and well-made packaging reduces the risk of product damage. Our wrappers are also designed to minimize material waste.
  • Versatility: Advanced machines can handle a variety of shapes and sizes of products, allowing companies to diversify their offerings using a single wrapper.
  • Sustainability: Many models are designed to be energy-efficient and use sustainable packaging materials.

If your company is looking for the ideal bottle wrapping machine, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer personalized consultations to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.


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