Liquid packaging machines: perfect infusions and marinades

Liquid packaging machines are very versatile machines that also allow for special preparations such as infusions or marinating foods. Minipack, thanks in part to collaboration with chefs and mixologists, has developed a model expressly dedicated to the catering industry: the MX 2. Let's find out about it.


Vacuum machine for food packaging: the whole range

A vacuum machine for food packaging is essential in a variety of situations: at home, in restaurants, grocery stores and delis, as well as in large businesses and even food processing labs. Let's look at the various minipack®-torre models designed for different needs.


Vacuum packaging: how does sous-vide work?

Are you familiar with sous-vide cooking? It is the cooking method that uses vacuum packing and low temperatures: ideal for tender meat, fish, fruit and vegetable dishes. Let's see how it works.


Restaurant vacuum sealer: recommended models

A restaurant vacuum sealer is essential to ensure the perfect preservation of food and for certain types of high-level cooking, such as sous-vide cooking. Let's take a look at the best models recommended by minipack®-torre.


The sous vide cooking technique

Last week, the well-known Milanese chef, Mr Danilo Angè, renown as culinary consultant and sous-vide cooking technique expert, showed the sous-vide cooking potential to Minipack-torre staff. Minipack-torre vacuum machines are the best ones for the sous vide cooking technique.

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