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Our commitment towards students in Bergamo and its province
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Often young people are not familiar with the economy of the local area and namely that of the manufacturing sector. This is why we want students to come to our companies, learn about their values, structure and roles required. By discovering companies, we’d like them to develop a passion for the technological innovation that every today we experience as entrepreneurs and be aware of the decisions they take about their education towards the opportunities provides in our area.

According to BG, 30% of employed people will be working in so-called innovative manufacturing, a field with a strong focus on technical expertise to develop product and process innovation. The average value in the rest of Europe is 28%. Precisely the innovative manufacturing sector saw a growth of added value and employment in recent years and, besides, it is the one associated with the best social equity conditions (according to the book by Gianfelice Rocca). The expertise in this sector requires a constant interaction with the education system to be able to receive support and promote development.

The ‘Good School’ reform bill finally introduced a law, something that the industrial system had been long highlighting, i.e. working to bring schools closer to the industrial world in order to promote the development of skills in line with company’s demands.

In 2015, minipack®-torre took part, once again, in the national PMI DAY (13th November 2015). For entrepreneurs this is an ideal opportunity to transmit the price and passion of entrepreneurship to young people and society, along with the commitment and talent they share will the people who work with them in creating products and services. An occasion to show their entrepreneurial experience, the results they achieved, though also future projects, namely regarding innovation, internationalisation and processes where people come together. This year 81 companies from Bergamo’s equivalent of the BCBI (Confindustria) opened their doors to 63 secondary schools and come 4,200 students.

For 2016 minipack®-torre spa also launched two important work-related learning projects involving 80 third-year students, in keeping with the policy of the ‘Good School’ reform bill (law 107/2015), in partnership with the main secondary schools in Dalmine (the Einaudi and Marconi institutes).

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