Small components packaging machine: the effectiveness of a vertical bagging machine

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In this article we showcase the best small components packaging machine in the Minipack®-torre range: the X-BAG evo vertical packaging machine, a technological jewel with plenty of features, capable of effectively and accurately packaging all types of small items and mechanical parts
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Vertical bagging machines are the ideal solution for packaging small metal components, spare parts and items in transparent and resistant bags. In this field, Minipack®-torre offers a specific machine that stands out from similar models for its efficiency, versatility and packaging accuracy.

X-BAG evo: the ultimate, latest-generation small components packaging machine

X-BAG evo is a latest-generation vertical packaging machine that can pack up to 1000 pieces per hour, depending on requirements. The small components to be packaged are introduced into the appropriate upper collar of the machine, which produces a hermetic package available in:

  • different formats: thanks to three available, easily interchangeable collars, packages can be 170, 185 or 235 mm wide and 50-to-330 mm long.
  • different types of flat-leaf films: polyethylene, polyolefins, macroperforated, microperforated, laminated, Cartene, biodegradable or films printed with logos, etc.



All the advantages of X-BAG EVO

Versatility and speed in packaging small components or other small items are just two of the most obvious qualities of X-BAG evo. Among other advantages, there are important qualities such as:

  1. Compactness: with an 80x85cm base, this 140cm high packaging machine can be easily fitted into small workshops or rooms;
  2. Comfortability: extreme ease of use, quick collar replacement for rapid format change (thus reducing machine downtime), intuitiveness thanks to PLC logic controller and colour touch screen. The perfect combination to improve productivity;
  3. Convenience: the X-BAG evo small packaging machine pays for itself quickly by cutting processing times and ensuring significant packaging material savings;
  4. Innovation:the packaging machine can boast a patent for two different sealing types: continuous vertical sealing, at steady horizontal temperature.


The following video summarises all X-BAG evo simplicity and efficiency in small components packaging:



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