Frozen food packaging: is a specific machine required?

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A wrong packaging process can threaten the integrity of frozen food: this is why, to package frozen products, you need to choose fast machines and specific protective films.
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To package frozen products, such as pizzas, ready-made meals, fish and shellfish, vegetables and pulses, cakes, desserts and ice creams, various solutions with different characteristics and results are available; the best ones, however, share two features:

  • The speed of the packaging process, especially when food is conveyed into a heat-shrink oven. The oven temperature should not have time to affect the frozen outer layer;
  • Using a protective film isolating the product from any outside contact.

There are mainly two different types of packaging machines that meet these requirements: shrink wrap and flow pack machines. We will explain their applications later and propose a model taken from the minipack®-torre range as an example.


Shrink wrap machines to package irregular frozen products

Shrink wrap machines are ideal for packaging frozen products with irregular shapes and surfaces: trays of meat or fish, hamburgers or single pizzas, for example. Shrink film is indeed one of the few materials that can easily adapt to any shape. In addition, it ensures the finest possible aesthetic result.



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Pratika 56-T MPS is our automatic, fully electric and servo-assisted packaging machine, capable of continuously sealing up to 40x24cm sized products - with no length limits.

For frozen food packaging, some functions play a major role, such as seal temperature dual control (on both the longitudinal bar and Side Seal), and sealing time adjustment.



Flow pack for bulk frozen products or frozen food trays

To package bulk frozen products or frozen food trays, the most suitable solution is a flow pack machine, ideal for ready-made meals, desserts, frozen vegetables, frozen pulses and, in particular, single-product packages.

Pillow-shaped packaging perfectly wraps the tray with its contents, thus ensuring a flawless result; even bulk food is fully protected in the resistant, 3-side seal bag.



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Miniflow 380 is the smallest, most compact flow pack packaging machine in our range; fully electronic, it offers great ease of use besides solely requiring streamlined maintenance and cleaning operations.

It is operated via a PLC logic controller and a touch-screen display. It can package up to 160 mm sized products, at a remarkable speed: it can reach as many as 80 packs per minute. This machine features a built-in temperature controller as well as a potentiometer for speed adjustment.




These are just a few of the minipack®-torre frozen food packaging machines.

Visit our website to take a look at the complete range of our packaging machines. Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts or inquiries!


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