The advantages of heat shrink packaging

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Heat shrink packaging offers a highly versatile and functional packaging solution that can provide excellent protection for products, improve hygiene and offer many customization options. Read more about this topic in this article.
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How heat shrink packaging works

The heat shrink packaging process is a packaging method that involves applying a shrink film around a product and then heating it to completely adhere to the shape of the product itself.

It consists of two main steps:

  1. The application of the heat shrink film around the product, which can be accomplished through the use of a special packaging machine. This machine applies the film precisely and evenly, avoiding creases or distortion of the film;
  2. Heat shrink packaging, i.e. the heating of the film. This step is accomplished through the use of a heat shrinking tunnel or a dedicated chamber. When heated to a sufficient temperature, the film retracts, adhering to the product and providing a perfect seal.


Why choose heat shrink packaging

Many companies around the world choose heat shrink packaging for their products.

In fact, heat shrink packaging offers numerous advantages over other packaging methods, including:

  • protection of the product, as the film prevents it from being damaged or contaminated during transport or storage;
  • increased hygiene: the heat shrinking film is in fact an excellent barrier against moisture, external agents and impurities, ensuring a high level of product hygiene at all times;
  • improved product visibility: due to the transparency of the heat shrinking film, the product remains visible within the packaging, allowing the consumer to assess its quality and appearance;
  • the possibility of packaging customization: the heat shrink packaging process allows the use of shrink films of different colors and transparencies, offering a wide range of possibilities for packaging customization.



Heat shrink packaging: for which industries is it recommended?

Heat shrink packaging is a very versatile and functional packaging solution that can meet the needs of different industries and ensure the long-term preservation of products.

Especially, this packaging technique is often used by the following sectors:

  • food, to package fresh foods such as meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Heat shrink packaging provides greater protection for the product and keeps its freshness longer, maintaining its organoleptic properties and quality;
  • cosmetic, for secondary packaging of products such as shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions and other body care products, or for primary packaging of soaps and solid cosmetics;
  • pharmaceutical, to package medicines, supplements, pills, capsules and other medical devices.

Any business sector, however, can use heat shrink packaging.

In fact, it is also a type of packaging used in many other types of businesses, such as in the packaging of electronic products, toys, household cleaning products, and pet products.



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