The new vacuum packaging machine for food by minipack-torre

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minipack-torre has expanded its range of food vacuum packaging machines: we are proud to introduce the new Minipack MX2, a blend of tradition, technology and economy.
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Minipack MX2 is the new vacuum packaging machine by minipack-torre designed for the food industry; it is a technological 2-in-1 appliance that can be used not only to vacuum pack food but also to marinate and infuse food inside it.

It offers many advantages:

  • less space required
  • less waste
  • safety and hygiene
  • tasty and fragrant dishes, cooked with minimal food weight loss.
  • Product storage


Let’s see all the design and functionality details


First of all, the Minipack MX2 is a high-performance packaging machine

With the Minipack MX2, you can vacuum pack all types of food – solids and liquids – in different pack sizes:

  • pouches of various sizes, which can be used between -40 and +120 °C
  • jars, suitable for microwave or oven cooking
  • bottles, to store open wines or bases for drinks.


The vacuum level is very high, the packs are sealed and maximum safety is ensured, all with minimum effort.


But it is also the perfect appliance for sous-vide cooking

Minipack MX2 is also the chosen tool for preparing low-temperature cooking recipes: you can make infusions or cocktails, and seal them in pouches or jars, or you can marinate food and then cook it with the sous-vide technique, with all the benefits that come with it; cooking is possible with MINI COOK 15.

Your recipes will be flawless: hearty, tasty, fragrant and juicy. Evenly cooked and with an enhanced flavour. Meat and fish will always have the right amount of moisture and will retain their weight, unlike when they are cooked at high temperatures.

You also have the advantage of cleanliness: by cooking with MX2, you will no longer have to worry about waste, smoke, persistent odours and food splashes.


Touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an exclusive design

Our MX2 uses the best technology:

  • Its 5-inch flat touch screen makes any operation easier, allowing you to immediately select the most suitable vacuum technique and the correct cooking temperature for each food item.
  • In addition to USB connectivity, it also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can also control and monitor the machine remotely via smartphone.

Last but not least, the Minipack MX2 is a showpiece: it has a clean, modern design and the colour of the chassis can be customised to suit your taste.



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