Vacuum packaging for restaurants: which machines are truly professional?

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Food packaging involves many details. A classic vacuum packaging machine is not always enough, it is best to choose a professional model, such as those offered by minipack®-torre. Let’s find out together.
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Vacuum packaging is the most suitable type for preserving food. In the home a “retail” machine is more than enough, vacuum packaging for restaurants requires the use of tools that are able to guarantee professional results such as a chamber vacuum sealer by minipack®-torre. In this article, we will learn:


The benefits of professional vacuum packaging

Choosing a professional vacuum sealer entails numerous benefits, in fact:

  • it guarantees strength and hygiene, thanks to the stainless steel structure;
  • it is very simple and intuitive to use;
  • it is completely safe and appealing to the eye, with its compact design and elegant lines;
  • it has a high extraction power that creates an almost complete vacuum (99%);
  • it has a labelling system to keep the packaging process under control;
  • this makes it possible to speed up certain preparations and cook food at low temperatures (sous-vide cooking).

Let us now look at some restaurant vacuum sealer models suitable for small and large restaurants, offered by minipack®-torre.


Tabletop chamber vacuum sealers for small restaurants

Small restaurants and delicatessens require safe, reliable vacuum sealers that also occupy small amounts of space. Tabletop chamber sealers are ideal in this case, because:

  • their compact design means that they can be placed anywhere;
  • they are “user friendly”, thanks to the practical control display that makes machine operation very intuitive;
  • they are equipped with safety system boards against the risk of overheating of the sealing bars.


The MVS45 X packaging machine is a very innovative yet also highly practical tabletop restaurant vacuum sealer. Here are some characteristics:

  • it has a 450 mm sealing bar;
  • it is completely safe thanks to the stainless steel structure;
  • it features an adhesive touch-screen display glued to the front of the bodywork to prevent liquids from leaking into the board;
  • the display shows the need toreplace oil with a special warning.




MVS31 X is a compact and designer tabletop restaurant vacuum sealer. This machine also:

  • has a 310 mm sealing bar;
  • it has a practical control display with 10 different customised programmes;
  • it reads the vacuum degree achieved inside the chamber.



Wheeled chamber vacuum sealers for large restaurants

For large restaurants that might need to package bulky products, the best solution is the wheeled chamber sealer.

This type of restaurant vacuum sealer is characterised by:

  • wheels that make it easy to move around;
  • its design that makes it aesthetically appealing, in addition to very practical;
  • the high level of innovation and technology, so as to fulfil the needs of chefs and other professionals;
  • the possibility of customisation, thanks to the intuitive control display.


The MVS50 X restaurant vacuum sealer is an excellent machine for use in large restaurants, in fact:

  • it has a 510 mm sealing bar;
  • it is reliable and simple to use;
  • it fulfils all food vacuum packaging needs, also thanks to the support of top chefs and professional operators;
  • it is configured based on the altitude where it will be used, so as to be calibrated to the atmospheric pressure of the location.




The MVS50 XP restaurant vacuum sealer tracks each operation perfectly, thanks to the possibility of obtaining, for each processing activity, a label that summarises all of the most important information for each packaging operation.

This sealer also:

  • has 510 mm sealing bars;
  • features a display where it is possible to customise and save the necessary settings;
  • makes it possible to plan ahead for assistance activities, also thanks to the innovative display;
  • is CE/ETL/NSF certified like all models in the XP range.



If you manage a restaurant and need further information on our restaurant vacuum sealers, do not hesitate to contact us!

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