Vacuum packaging machine: how to keep cheese wholesome?

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A vacuum packaging machine is an essential aid in preventing bacterial contamination and the oxidation process of foodstuff. Let’s see how it works.
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In all grocery shops which process cheese - and not only - the issue of preservation is often resolved by using a vacuum packaging machine. Cheese is easily subject to fungus contamination: mildew spores in the air easily deteriorate the surface of this product, ruining its appearance and at times posing hygienic problems regarding its correct preservation.

Vacuum packaging is widely used for a series of advantages:

  • Vacuum packaging machines are capable of eliminating oxygen in the packaging, thus inhibiting the formation of bacteria on the surface of the cheese. Many of the bacteria in the air are aerobic organisms, namely they require oxygen to survive and multiply. Considering this fact, we can clearly understand how a vacuum packaging machine can solve many of the problems linked to preservation of cheese.
  • The use of a vacuum packaging machine also slows down oxidation of cheese: by withdrawing oxygen from the pack, the natural process which causes food to darken over time and to lose its organoleptic properties is considerably slowed down, allowing the packaged product to last much longer.
  • Did you know that vacuum packaging helps food to preserve its fragrance? Vacuum packaging cheese makes it possible to preserve its taste and nutritional properties, at the same time protecting the surrounding environment from its strong smell. Here again the reason is slowing down of the oxidation process, as seen above.


If you want to preserve your cheese for a long time maintaining its taste and quality unchanged, we recommend that you use a professional vacuum packing machine, which guarantees highly reliable and safe packaging. This advice for cheese also applies to all types of food.

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