Automatic pouch packing machines: not only for the publishing sector

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The range of automatic packaging machines by minipack®-torre includes flexible, fast and precise models of pouch packing machines. What types of machines are there and which is the best to choose for one’s business? Here is a brief guide to help you choose.
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We generally recommend this type of packaging machine to easily pack small items without support, obtaining results that would be more difficult to obtain with flow pack machines. However, automatic pouch packing machines are also perfect for packing various types of products, including baked goods, sweets, dry foods and medicine.

Let's discover our models in the catalogue and the advantages of these packaging machines:

Types of automatic pouch packing machines

Pouch packing machines for medium-sized businesses

X-BAG EVO is an excellent example of a vertical packaging machine that is suitable for bagging a large variety of products.

In fact, the packaging machine is suitable for commercial activities, such as supermarkets, bakeries, fruit and vegetable markets, healthcare facilities and hospitals, or even medium-large sized hardware markets (this model is also often used as a packaging machine for small components).




The strengths of this pouch packing machine include:

  • compact dimensions - the machine is only 140 cm high, and has a base of 80x85cm to be easily placed in all spaces;
  • easily used - its operation is basic in every respect so as to reduce machine preparation, loading, programming and maintenance times;
  • versatility - designed to bag any type of small product, it can pack with different types of film.


Pouch packing machines for large businesses

By far the most popular choice for publishing and paper products, MAILBAG is an automatic pouch packing machine with high performance and low consumption, and is also suitable for packing compact and light products in companies with high production.

An example of its potential? MAILBAG has been used by our customers to bag surgical masks at high speed while maintaining a fast production rate.



Its main strengths include:

  • higher hourly production - this model reaches a speed of 1200 bagged pieces per hour;
  • variety of usable films - for maximum flexibility in the packaging department;
  • built-in piece counter - for precise and timely control of the volume of bagged products.


Choose the fully automatic minipack®-torre pouch packing machines to increase your company productivity.

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