Belt vacuum packaging machines: discover Evac 65

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Are you looking for a belt vacuum packaging machine for preserving meat? Minipack®-torre has designed a highly technological and innovative model, perfect for food laboratories that must package large product quantities. Find out all its characteristics.
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When to choose a belt vacuum packaging machine

The preservation of fresh food products must always be carried out with extreme care, given the negative consequences that perished food can cause on people's health.

In the classification of the most “delicate” foods, meat certainly occupies one of the first positions. 

In fact, given the water and protein quantity it contains, fresh meat can lead to the development of microbes and other harmful agents if not properly preserved. 

Besides the type of preservation, furthermore, it is also essential to pay attention to the entire packaging process, to avoid any dangerous contamination

This is why businesses such as food laboratories must use highly professional and quality tools for this type of activity, like the belt vacuum packaging machines.

Minipack®-torre, leader in the production of packaging machines, has created Evac 65, precisely to meet the needs of all those businesses that have to carefully package large quantities of meat every day.


Evac 65: food laboratories’ best friend

Evac 65 is one of the best belt vacuum packaging machines available on the market. It’s very high technological level makes it a complete, reliable, resistant and easy to use machine.

Particularly suitable for meat packaging, this machine is perfect for packaging medium and large sized products.

The main advantages of Evac 65 include:

  • High productivity;
  • Fully automatic operation and very high work pace;
  • Ease of use thanks to a colour Touch Screen display, for easy and intuitive programming with the possibility of choosing from many options;
  • Fully electric movement ensures high energy savings;
  • Highly resistant and reliable materials, in fact the production in AISI 304 steel makes this packaging machine structurally and hygienically safe;
  • Option to control the machine with a mobile phone using a specific App, which simulates the Touch screen panel on the packaging machine.

Evac 65 is a breakthrough for food laboratories that need to carefully package large quantities of fresh meat, without the risk of contamination but rather through the use of a reliable and entirely user-friendly machine.

See it running in the following video:

Why choose minipack®-torre for food preservation

Minipack®-torre is a company which places great emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement of its machines, factors that have enabled it to produce one of the best belt vacuum packaging machines around.

The elements that make minipack®-torre a leading company in terms of production of packaging machines include:

  • 100% Made in Italy production, a guarantee of quality;
  • Innovative and cutting-edge operating systems, to find increasingly effective and targeted solutions according to the market’s different requirements;
  • Presence of the Minipack LAB, set up to conduct extensive research and development, including a laboratory for prototypes and customisations, mechanical, electrical and software design.


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