Packaging machine with chamber: how does it work?

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Packaging machines with chamber are the perfect solution for those who like flexibility and semplicity. Discover the series Vacuum Line by Minipack®-Torre!
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A chamber packaging machine must not only guarantee maximum safety when packaging but it must also ensure ease of use and versatility.

That's why Minipack®-Torre designed Vacuum Line, a series of practical and functional chamber vacuum machines which allow you to create top quality vacuum.

Their strength is the control display, which allows you to monitor machine operation and customise the packing modes.

Here are some of the best models on the market, which can combine reliability and design.


  1. MVS31XP: MVS31XP is synonymous with practicality and functionality. Thanks to the preliminary diagnosis system, the technical problems are detected directly from the display, before you even start to pack: in this way you avoid wasting time and money. Furthermore, you can set categories and customise the packaging according to the different types of food.

    But there's more: the MVS31XP chamber packaging machine offers you the possibility of selecting the external vacuum option to create vacuum in embossed bags or containers for external vacuum, which can be connected directly to the system.

  2. MVS45 XP: fitted with an intuitive liquid crystal display, the MVS45 XP chamber vacuum machine is an “intelligent” packaging machine, which can provide detailed information about the packaging process and allows you to program technical operations to be performed on the system. Furthermore, the MVS45 XP chamber packaging machine is fitted with the electronic Soft Air system, designed for progressive air dispersion inside the chamber not to damage the package. Your packages will simply be perfect.

  3. MVS50 X: although the MVS X line is equipped with highly advanced features, it is very easy to use: thanks to the touch control keyboard you can set up to 10 customised programs according to your needs. The MVS50X chamber packaging machine has a touch control keyboard stuck directly on the front side of the system so as to prevent the card from getting wet or soiled. The practical display informs you when the oil must be changed and provides you with all the information on the processing of the machine.


Lastly, you can pack, thereby saving time and effort.


Choose the most suitable chamber packaging machine according to your needs! 


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