Professional vacuum packaging machine: when a small label offers big advantages

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Why choose a professional vacuum packaging machine with automatic labelling? Let’s look at the advantages of this technology.
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Nowadays consumers are increasingly more informed and want to know what they are eating. Even when it comes to artisan products or prepared in small food production facilities and delicatessens, it is increasingly advisable to offer the consumer all of the essential information on packaged food. A simple information label can therefore make the difference in customer purchase choices.

To respond to this need, minipack®-torre has created a line of professional vacuum packaging machines with automatic labelling system: the MVS XP line. These vacuum packaging machines are particularly suited to small and medium food or restaurant businesses, and make it possible to immediately track the most important information on the vacuum process, by printing it on the relative labels in an orderly manner.

There are all of the possibilities offered by the professional packaging machines in the MVS XP series:

  • Vacuum tracking makes it possible to certify essential information on machine operation, such as the obtained vacuum percentage and the CO2 percentage contained in the package. Vacuum certification is an innovative step that few manufacturers care to track and make accessible to the customer: it therefore represents an important competitive edge in terms of transparency and reliability.
  • MVS XP series professional vacuum packaging machines can also print other important information: for example, the date and time of packaging, as well as type of food and its expiration date. These are all crucial details that the customer assesses carefully: between a package with production and expiration dates and one without, the former generally tends to be the one that is chosen.
  • But that’s not all: the MVS XP series labelling system also reports the name of the company who performed packaging and the operator code. Thanks to this system, production is easily traceable when needed.


Professional vacuum packaging machine: the advantages of the MVS XP series.

The MVS XP series represents one of the most innovative lines among the minipack®-torre professional vacuum packaging machines. In addition to automatic labelling, this series offers numerous other advantages: for example, a control panel featuring numerous and easily usable functions, which makes it possible to set customised programs, load data, schedule maintenance activities. The high aesthetic appeal of the machines is also a prime feature, actually adding to the furnishing of any food shop. Lastly, all of the professional vacuum packaging machines in the MVS XP series have obtained CE/ETL/NSF certification.


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