Shrink wrap machines for all businesses

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Shrink wrap machines are a versatile and indispensable solution for a wide range of businesses, efficiently packaging products and ensuring freshness and integrity. Learn how these machines meet the needs of small businesses and large companies and how they improve production.
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Today's businesses are constantly evolving, and with it the need for efficient and flexible packaging solutions. That's where commercial shrink wrap machines come in. 

But what exactly is a shrink wrap machine and how can it improve the efficiency of your business?

Let's look at them:


What are shrink wrap machines?

Shrink wrap machines are industrial equipment used to wrap a product in a shrink-wrap plastic film. When this film is heated, it shrinks around the product, providing airtight protection and improving the appearance of the packaged item. 

Not only does this technology keep the product safe from dust, moisture and contamination, but it also allows for a clean and professional presentation, which is essential for business.


Minipack shrink wrap machines

Minipack is one of the leading manufacturers of shrink wrap machines in Italy and offers high quality solutions and innovative design. Here are some of our top models.


Freska - for small business


Freska is ideal for those who need a versatile and reliable shrink wrap machine. With a compact design and intuitive technology, Freska is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses.

It is especially suitable for meat packing, but is also perfect for all kinds of food. In addition, the machine allows 2 reels to be installed at the same time, always ready for use. This saves time with each reel change.



Replay 55 Evo - for small and mid-sized companies

macchine termoretraibili commerciali replay

Replay 55 Evo represents the ideal solution for those seeking a high-end machine with outstanding performance. It offers speed and accuracy, ensuring high-quality packaging.

The machine is compact, but extremely efficient. It allows, in fact, a 50% reduction in shrinking time and 60% reduction in heating time

Its “Soft Shrink” fan speed control ensures perfect shrinking even on very light or flexible products.

This product is ideal and finds one of its main applications in the banking world for money packing.



Pratika 56 MPE X2 - for large companies

macchine termoretraibili commerciali

A real gem in the Minipack-torre range, Pratika 56 MPE X2 combines efficiency, speed (packs up to 3600 p/h) and flexibility, making it perfect for businesses with higher demands.

Empowered by strong electronic, mechanical and technological content, it is a shrink wrap machine suitable for double-sided work development due to its double door.



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Applications of shrink wrap machines in businesses: some examples

Food industry

In the food industry, shrink wrap machines ensure that food remains fresh and protected against contamination. Think of products such as meats, cheeses, vegetables, and pastries: a safe and attractive package on the shelf or in the refrigerated counter makes all the difference.

Pharmaceutical sector

Safety is critical, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Shrink wrap machines ensure that medicines are protected against external contamination while maintaining product integrity.


In logistics, shrink wrap machines are used to group similar products together or to ensure that items stay in place during transportation. This ensures that products reach their destination safe and sound.


These types of machines (specifically the Replay 55 Evo) also find application in banks to ensure the security and orderly presentation of banknotes. Packing money in this way ensures that it is grouped neatly and compactly, making it easier to transport and store.


Request a packaging test for your business: you can see firsthand how these machines work and how they can improve the efficiency and aesthetics of your products! 

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