Vacuum machine for food: vacuum cooking just like a top-rated restaurant

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Have you heard of vacuum cooking? Let’s discover its advantages and its main applications, and how a vacuum machine can help in this innovative art.
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A vacuum machine can be of valuable help in the kitchen: vacuum cooking is indeed a culinary technique that is highly praised by many chefs and food lovers, and is suitable for original recipes to enhance the flavours.

The starting point of vacuum cooking lies in a packaging machine: the best models for this type of cuisine are undoubtedly the bell-shaped vacuum machines, which are professional tools that allow any cooking liquid to be retained in the vacuum for truly perfect cooking.

But which are the main applications of vacuum cooking?

Vacuum marinade

We all know about the marinating process - a culinary technique that requires time and patience but which gives a unique and appetising flavour to all kinds of meat and fish. Thanks to vacuum technology perfect marinades can now be achieved very quickly: in this regard, we introduce you to MVS45 XP - a vacuum machine for food equipped with a specific program for vacuum marinating. The program is called Infusion Cycle and allows exceptional flavours to be conveyed within a few minutes to meat and fish, which are placed in the bell of the machine.


How does it work? The process is very simple and can also be followed without using sealed bags: simply place the container with the marinade and the food to be marinated in the chamber of the vacuum machine, set the specific program and wait for the preset time. The machine will remain in vacuum suspension for the necessary time, removing the air particles from the food and replacing them with the marinade liquid. The result? Perfectly marinated, succulent meat and fish, fully saturated in the aromas and flavours of the marinade liquid. The same process can also be used for more porosity, texture and shine in fruit and vegetables.

Hot vacuum

A very useful technique to enhance the goodness of your food and give it a more tender and juicy texture is to hot vacuum. Its application is very simple: cook the food as usual and place it in a vacuum machine for food while it is still hot. By doing so, the extraction of air will keep the moisture obtained by the cooking process intact and will convey unique tenderness to the packed product.

Low temperature cooking

Sous-vide cooking can be easily achieved by using a vacuum machine for food and a specific tool for vacuum cooking called a thermostatic bath. The vacuum machine allows the product to be packed while still raw, whereas the thermostatic bath allows the product to be cooked at a controlled temperature, thereby maximising the benefits of sous-vide cooking.

But what are the advantages of this type of cooking? The vacuum prevents food oxidation and therefore allows their original flavours to be fully maintained unaltered; even during cooking, the sealed product maintains its moisture and its nutrients do not evaporate, allowing all the food’s organoleptic properties to be preserved. This results in a tender product, which is tasty and rich in flavour, of superior quality to products cooked in a traditional way.


Are you interested in vacuum cooking? Would you like to adopt these techniques and are looking for the right tools to do so?

Discover our vacuum machines for food and start creating top-rated dishes!


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