Vacuum sealer: the advantages of a compact packaging machine

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A vacuum sealer is used in supermarkets, in grocery shops and in restaurants to store food in a safe and protected manner.
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Vacuum packaging is one of the most hygienic and safe methods to conserve any type of food product: thanks to the long duration it can guarantee and its simple application, this method is extremely widespread, and is used in large and small companies by means of specifically designed vacuum sealers and machines.

A compact vacuum sealer is of daily help for many small and medium-sized businesses, where the space of the premises and the actual packaging requirements do not allow for bulkier machines.

Let's see the main advantages of the compact vacuum sealers:

  • More room for manoeuvring: the best vacuum sealers are designed to guarantee a compact solution with all the necessary functions for professional food packaging. The most obvious advantage is the saved space guaranteed by this type of solution, together with the ease with which a small machine is handled: two qualities that are essential in small and tiny food businesses, where every centimetre of space counts. In summary, compact sealers, preferably benchtop, are the perfect solution for small grocery shops.
  • Easy to use: as mentioned, a compact vacuum sealer contains all the functions required for food packaging into a small space. The best machines are designed to maximise the simple use of all available functions, integrating them into user-friendly displays that allow all the desired features to be set in just a few taps. Some vacuum sealers even allow tracking of each packaging step, applying a label each time with the key operational information.
  • Aesthetics and elegance: compact vacuum sealers are perfect for small venues, restaurants and supermarkets even for the aesthetic value that distinguishes the best models on the market. Elegant and attractive design can immediately communicate all the professionalism, cleanliness and reliability of their location. As they say, appearance matters too.


Minipack®-torre has been producing vacuum sealers and professional packaging machines for almost fifty years, distinguishing itself as one of the most important players at both national and international level.


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