Which are the best food tray packaging machines?

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Packaging in trays covered in film is one of the most used for all food products displayed on shelves in shops and supermarkets. The advantages are obvious, but a lot also depends on the packaging machine used: so, which are the best food tray packaging machines?
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Food tray packaging machines are the most used in the food sector to pack a number of easily perishable products. The advantages of food tray packaging range from safety to practicality, from aesthetics to efficiency; let's see them all, and find out which are the most suitable food tray packaging machines for:

  • small shops
  • supermarkets
  • industrial production lines.


Why choose packaging on packed trays

90% of those who work in the food sector request food tray packaging machines as they promptly fulfil the requirements of retail ready packaging: the tray+transparent film combination is in fact the most suitable for packaging fruit, vegetables, fresh pasta, handmade biscuits and fresh meat and fish.

But why is it the most suitable? For various reasons:

  • it is a very robust package, which combines the resistance of plastic film (food-grade) with the solidity of a cardboard or PVC base;
  • it allows the consumer to instantly appreciate the appearance and freshness of the product;
  • it simplifies the orderly storage of goods on shelves.

Let's now see the most effective machines for packaging trays.


Food tray packaging machines: advice from the minipack-torre experts

The ideal food tray packaging machines are shrink wrap machines; the models vary according to production, that is: it is one thing to produce tray packaging for a small shop, and another is to respond to the rate and requirements of an industrial production.

The minipack-torre experts recommend these tray packaging machines:



We recommend a manual shrink wrap machine for the requirements of small shops, where space is limited and stock procurement is slower. An example is our Minima EVO, a manual counter-top packaging machine distinguished by high efficiency and a small footprint. It is very simple to use and guarantees reduced electricity consumption.



Instead, if there is space in the shop for a trolley-mounted packaging machine, we recommend Synthesis Inox:

  • a stainless steel structure, ideal for the food sector
  • a forced ventilation system for a constant temperature, without overheating
  • the absence of motors, fans and felt on the bottom of the hood guarantees simpler cleaning and hygiene at the highest level
  • the sealing and shrinking, offering high yield with all kinds of films, are carried out at the same time, with the setting of values which can be directly displayed on the screen.




To support the production rate of a supermarket, the ideal machine is semi-automatic which packs trays, such as the MEDIA shrink wrap angular packaging machine:

  • L-sealing
  • single-unit structure with integrated tunnel
  • electronic regulation of the sealing time and Teflon coated blades to guarantee complete absence of smoke
  • sealing bar and motorised scrap winder
  • production up to 750 pcs/hour



To fulfil the need for speed and efficiency of industrial lines, an automatic shrink wrap machine, such as our Pratika 55 Smart, with integrated tunnel is essential:

  • technologically advanced product (Schneider Electric PLC), flexible but extremely compact (2.2 m2)
  • patented “come back” option for a single operator
  • L-sealing
  • colour touch screen panel, with simple and intuitive graphics
  • 30% less consumption
  • increased speed
  • versatile in format changes
  • brushless motor
  • electric power supply, no pneumatic connection needed
  • incorporated tunnel with reduced energy consumption




These are our offers for food tray packaging machines. For more information on the range, or to request a free consultation, freely contact our team of experts.


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