Packing machines manufacturers

Packing machines manufacturers

We have been packing machines manufacturers for more than forty years, and over time we have expanded, developed and perfected our range of vacuum packaging machines, shrinkwrappers, bundling machines, flow packs and bagging machines. Here are some of our best sellers, with international success.


Torre have been packing machines manufacturers since the ‘70s, when Francesco Torre filed the patent for the first chambered shrink wrap machine. Since then, it has been a succession of ideas, research, development and successes, inside and outside Italy.



Our range of packing machines and our best sellers

Although we started out as shrink-wrapping machines manufacturers, innovation and growth have led us to create a very rich range, which today has more than 100 different models.

We produce today:

  • chamber and external suction vacuum machines
  • shrink wrapping machines, with or without integrated tunnel
  • bundling machines
  • vertical and horizontal bagging machines
  • flow-pack machines

Let's see some best sellers.


Shrink wrap packing machines

Pratika 56T MPS

Automatic packing machine for shrink film, continuous sealing (sealing bar 400mm x ∞ ), fully electric and servo-assisted.


Modular 50S Inox

Semi-automatic shrink-wrapper, L-seal and 540x400 mm packaging plate.



Semiautomatic packing machine for shrink film, L-seal, integrated tunnel and 540x400 mm packaging plate.


Replay 55 EVO

Trolley manual shrink-wrapper with packaging plate 540x390 mm.


Bagging machines

Plexi 60

Automatic horizontal bagging machine 60 pcs/minute.



Vertical bagging machine with PLC control and touch screen, suitable for different types of films.



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Vacuum packaging machines

MVS 31 X

Vacuum tabletop machine with sealing bar 310 mm.


Flow pack machines

Miniflow 380

Totally electronic flow pack packaging machine.


Bundling machines

MS 70 AL

Automatic bundling machine with double motorized belt (before and after the sealing bar), built-in tunnel and 700 mm sealing bar.


How proper packing machines manufacturers work

Our production bears the sign of made in Italy. In the frame of the minipackLAB, our team of designers conceive the minipack-torre packing machines. This is our Research and Development center, also home to a mechatronic laboratory and cradle for the birth of new prototypes.

The ideas then take shape in our carpentry, the minipackSTEEL. Here the highly specialized operating units cut, bend and form the metal sheets, until they create the structure of each packaging machine. Their technological heart, on the other hand, bears the name Schneider-Electric.


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