All the advantages of a minipack®-torre flow pack system

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It is possible to pack a vast range of products, both food and non-food, thanks to a flow pack packaging system. Discover the best minipack®-torre models and their advantages.
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In this article, we will look at:


The flow pack machines by minipack®-torre

Minipack®-torre offers two flow pack machines that are perfect for packaging food and non-food products. Let's see them in detail:

MINIFLOW 400 EVO: this flow pack packaging machine is one of the new ones of minipack®-torre and boasts great versatility. In fact, it is ideal for baked food products as well as for various objects and pharmaceutical products. It has 3 Brushless motors and a 7" Touch-Screen panel that facilitates format changes and simplifies machine use.


MINIFLOW 600: this model can pack products with a maximum 600 mm band and can reach 120 packs a minute. It represents the perfect balance of quality and technology and guarantees reliability, practicality and efficiency. This model also has a control panel for format changes and 3 Brushless motors.




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Flow wrap machines


The accessory machines for customised systems

To offer an even more complete service, minipack®-torre supplies innovative conveyor belts and labelling machines that can be integrated with the machines to create even more equipped, efficient and easy-to-use solutions. 

Furthermore, the various optional features that can be integrated into a flow pack system are:

  • Thermal printer;
  • Rotary printer;
  • Loading belt extension;
  • No product no bag” photocell;
  • Fixed forming device;
  • Zig zag blade

How does a flow pack system work

Here is how a flow pack system works:

  • The product is first placed in the machine, ready to be wrapped in a single packaging film;
  • Subsequently, the machine will seal the package in three points: two transversal along the short sides and one longitudinal on the longer side;
  • The result will be a package that is not only safe, but also aesthetically pleasing, similar to a cushion, a typical wrapper for biscuits and candy, but also for various individually wrapped items.

Why choose a minipack®-torre flow pack system

Relying on a minipack®-torre flow pack system is advantageous from several perspectives; in fact:

  • It is extremely versatile as it can pack different types of products, including food-grade ones. This shows how flow pack packages can guarantee an excellent level of safety in terms of preservation;
  • It can be used with different types of films, further expanding the range of products that can be packaged;
  • It is compact and can therefore be placed in the smallest of spaces;
  • It boasts a high technological level, in fact, thanks to a practical touch display it is possible to conveniently control all the packaging operations;
  • It is fast and highly productive;
  • It requires little maintenance, thanks to the excellent quality of the materials;
  • It allows you to customise the various packages thanks to a practical logo printing function.

A flow pack system is therefore the perfect solution for those who need packages that are distinguished by speed, safety and a high aesthetic effect.

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