Automatic shrink wrap machine: the models by minipack®-torre

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The minipack®-torre automatic shrink wrap machines are the most suitable choice for all large and mid-sized companies that need a highly-efficient, durable, reliable and high-tech machine.
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Automatic shrink wrap machines offer the ultimate in terms of performance and functionality and are the perfect solution for large and mid-sized companies that need a machine to be integrated into the production line.

An automatic shrink wrap machine allows to always obtain high-level results: flawless packaging qualification, constant control of the heat shrink oven temperature, packaging speed with a clear optimisation of processing times and resources used. 

Here you can find information about minipack®-torre automatic shrink wrap machines best solutions.


The minipack®-torre range of automatic shrink wrap machines

The minipack®-torre range currently consists of six automatic shrink wrap machines, some with L-sealing, others with continuous sealing.

Pratika 55 Smart

Pratika 55 Smart is one of the latest arrivals, designed to combine performance and compactness (2390x1190x1680h. mm). The sealing is L-shaped, the tunnel is included and the “come back” to the operator feature is supplied as per standard, with which the packaged product is transported on the belt up to the initial position.



Maximum product dimensions: 400x420x120h.


Pratika 56 MPE X1

Fully electric and servo-assisted automatic shrink wrap machine, it is characterised by the presence of the double door that ensures greater ease of access. The electrical and electronic components are made by Schneider-Electric and, despite the extremely high-tech level, the machine is very simple to use.




Also available in the versions:

  • Reverse, to develop the work on both sides




  • Stainless Steel, for specific applications in the pharmaceutical and food sector.



Maximum product dimensions: mm 600x400


Pratika 56-T MPS

An electric and servo-assisted version but with continuous sealing (Side Seal device) which cancels any length limit. Thanks to the high-tech content, this shrink wrap machine can reach up to 3600 pieces per hour.



Maximum product dimensions: 400 mm wide x 240 mm high.

The 80-T MPS version further extends the packaging possibilities: it can in fact package large formats up to 700 mm wide and 360 mm high.




Shrink wrap machines by minipack®-torre: automatic for maximum performance

Minipack®-torre automatic shrink wrap machines offer the maximum in terms of programs and features: technologically advanced, compact and, depending on the models, upgraded with additional functions such as the integrated shrink tunnel, stainless steel structure or double door.

Some of our automatic shrink wrap machines are certified 4.0 compliant precisely by virtue of the high degree of automation that ensures greater efficiency and productivity: functions such as Centre Sealing or self-adjustment of the height of the triangles and sealing bar greatly simplify the operator’s job.




In addition, they work through a control logic managed by the company PLC, have the possibility of integrating remote assistance and remote control, and clearly improve operator safety (cover, opening doors, acoustic and visual indicators).




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