Coffee pod packaging machines: that's why you must choose a flow pack

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What are the best coffee pod packaging machines? We find out in this article together with the minipack®-torre team, who tells us how to make the best pod packaging and how to customise it.
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The coffee pods have double packaging. The first is the pod itself, which contains the blend; the second is the inflated pillow package which contains the pod. The two are closely linked, and that's why coffee pod packaging machines are the natural extension of the production line.

If specific machines handle the plastic pod, horizontal packaging machines, called flow-pack, handle the secondary pillow.


How is the secondary packaging of the pods made?

The pillow package can be made of different materials, but two are constant:

  • controlled atmosphere packaging
  • triple sealing (two horizontal and one longitudinal).

The seals in particular, must be flawless: there can be no fault because it would affect the quality of the product; on the other hand, the packaging must not be too resistant to being opened. Basically, the packaging machines for coffee pods must be able to produce a resistant result, which is also very practical.



Competition is high, that's why they must be customised

The coffee pod market is rich and colourful: many brands have opted for this format, which is comfortable, functional and potentially very attractive. This precise abundance requires companies to make a marketing choice and distinguish the secondary packaging to stand out from competitors.

The 2 basic characteristics which can be toyed with are: material and colour. This is why the best coffee pod packaging machines are those that also allow ample margin for customising the packaging, even directly in-line.


The best coffee pod packaging machines are: flow pack machines

Given all the requirements of the single pillow packaging, the most efficient packaging machine is certainly a flow pack. It is a horizontal machine, on which the reel of film slides already folded (tube-shaped) to wrap the pod; the sealing machine seals the film in 3 points (at the ends and longitudinally), thereby creating the well-known pillow shape.

minipack®-torre offers a range of 3 flow pack packaging machines for pods, different in size, speed and some features: in particular, the dimensions of the products that can be packaged vary.

However, they share a number of fundamental characteristics:

  • variety of compatible films
  • possibility of customising the packaging in-line
  • compact and linear design
  • extreme rapidity in format changes
  • an extremely simplified and streamlined cleaning and maintenance system
  • 3 high-performance brushless motors
  • a vast choice of compatible accessories
  • 7” touch screen panel, with intuitive icons and quick parameter setting
  • No Product No Bag system, with which a photocell identifies the product on the belt and prevents empty packs from being created. Thereby reducing the waste of material and electricity.


3 different MiniFlow machines to package the coffee pods




  • small and versatile
  • packs products with a max width of 180 mm
  • max 100 packages/minute




  • packs products with a max width of 180 mm
  • max 100 packages/minute




  • high performance, the most technologically advanced; ideal for companies with high production rates
  • packs products with a max width of 600 mm
  • max 120 packages/minute


Do you have doubts or requests? Contact the manufacturers directly

Minipack®-torre is one of the main flow wrap suppliers. If you want to know more about our coffee pod packaging machines and/or if you have any doubts or special requests, you can write to us at any time.

Our specialists are always available to provide you with more information: you can request individual, non-binding advice, and book a free packaging test, to personally experience the efficiency of our flow packs.



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