Flow-pack bagging machine: the minipack®-torre range

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Are you looking for a quality, highly technological and versatile flow-pack bagging machine? Discover the minipack®-torre models and find the solution that best suits you.
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The minipack®-torre flow-pack bagging machines

Among the various packaging machines produced by minipack®-torre, flow-pack bagging machines are some of the most popular. The high technological level and versatility that sets them apart, in fact, make them the ideal solution for a wide range of products and activities.

Minipack®-torre offers twospecific models:

macchina-flowpack-miniflow400-evoMINIFLOW 400 EVO:designed to streamline maintenance and cleaning operations as much as possible, this flow-pack bagging machine boasts excellent technology and performance and can be equipped with various accessories. In fact, it has 3 Brushlessmotors and a 7″ Touch-Screen panel to facilitate format changes and in general have a better control of the machine. This model enables to pack up to 100 products per minute with a maximum dimension of 180 mm


macchina-flowpack-miniflow-600MINIFLOW 600: this model is particularly efficient, with a maximum of 120 packages per minute with maximum dimensions of 600 mm. Versatile and technologically advanced, this flow-pack bagging machine is ideal for companies with high production and quality requirements. This model is also equipped with 3 Brushlessmotors and a 7″ Touch-Screen panel for better control of the machine and of format changes.


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Flow-pack packaging machines


When to use a flow-pack bagging machine

As previously mentioned, flow-pack bagging machines owe much of their success to their versatility, in fact several products can be packaged with this method. 

On one side we have foodstuffproducts:

  • Baked products
  • Confectionary
  • Croissants and biscuits
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate

But there is more. The flow pack is also especially suitable for packaging otherproducts, such as:

  • Cosmetics products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Miscellaneous objects
  • Dishwasher tablets

The type of package created by a flow-pack machine is in fact extremely suitable for products to be packaged individually in order to obtain reliable and aesthetically pleasing packages. 

A flow-pack package is in fact characterised by two cross-wise and one length-wise seal, implementing the famous “cushion” packaging typical of confectionary and sweets.


All the advantages of a minipack®-torre flow-pack bagging machine

Compared to other packaging methods, a flow-pack bagging machine stands out for its ability to:

  • Package even non-solid food products, such as sauces, oil, and vinegar;
  • Store products for longer periods of time with respect to, for example, shrink wrap, which is more suitable for storing fresh products to be consumed short term.

In addition to these two main advantages, however, there are several reasons to choose a flow-pack packaging machine, in fact:

  • They are easy to use, clean and maintain;
  • They are designed to store parameters and recipes for easier and faster use of the machine;
  • They have compactdimensions so as not to create interior space problems;
  • They are fully electronic;
  • They are 100% Made in Italy.


Minipack®-torre is at your complete disposal to help you choose your flow-pack packaging machine!

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