Flow pack machine: here are MiniFlow 400 EVO and MiniFlow 600

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The minipack-torre flow pack machines stand out for their simple use and compact size, smaller than average. Nevertheless, they assure the same features and even greater advantages.
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The flow pack machines produce pillow-shaped packages: packages of crackers, brioches, snacks, confectionery, breadsticks, chocolate bars, cakes, wafers, etc.

This type of packaging guarantees:

  • Extreme air tightness
  • Good aesthetic results
  • Fast packaging.

Let's look in more detail at the features of a flowpack package and some models of packaging machines.

The pillow-shaped pouches of a flowpack machine

We said that a package produced by a horizontal flowpack machine is instantly recognisable because it is pillow-shaped, but also by another unique detail: the fin. The fin is the flap that forms at the longitudinal seal between the two sides of the thermoplastic film: the two edges are joined and then folded, to form the central fin.

Therefore, each package involves a total of 3 seals and one fold. The pouches may have different sizes and various films may be used:

  • BOPP
  • Shrink film
  • OPA/PE laminates and similar.

The products you can pack with a flowpack machine

Flowpack machines are among the most sought after on the market due to the great variety of food and non-food products that they can package, quickly and with low operating costs:

  • Brioches, chocolate bars, candy, sweets, chewing gum, bars, cakes, wafers – the sealing temperature is always controlled, to prevent melting parts of the most delicate products;
  • Sandwiches, panini, dry bakery products such as crackers, breadsticks, schiacciata, focaccia, etc.;

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  • Some pharmaceutical products, such as pills or tablets in single packs, or sachets of water-soluble medicine;
  • Small objects, stationery products, dishwasher or washing machine tablets, soap bars, single-dose detergents, etc.

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The minipack-torre flowpack machines

We have expanded our range with two models of flowpack machines, which operate in the same way but with different packaging ranges; here are our:

  • Miniflow 400 EVO
  • Miniflow 600

Miniflow 400 EVO is the smallest one: fully electronic flowpack machine, with 3 Brushless motors and 3 digital drives. The product loading unit includes a 140 cm long AISI 304 stainless steel top and an emergency stop at the end; it is fitted with lateral guides that are adjustable in width, plastic conveyor flights that are suitable for contact with food, crumb collecting casing and a conveyor.

The touch screen panel is extremely user-friendly and versatile in format changes.

  • Machine dimensions: 2400 mm x 800 mm x 1800 mm in height
  • Sealing bar with a useful width of 190 mm
  • Max 100 packages per minute

Miniflow 600 is the older sister, bigger and more high-tech: it allows the packaging processes to be optimised and all operations, including maintenance and cleaning, to be simplified. It is integrated with a pneumatic telescopic shaft to support the film, a photocell to centre the film and 3 pairs of drive rollers, the last of which is used to bend the fin. The touch screen panel is 7”.

  • Machine dimensions: 3300 mm x 1150 mm x 1750 mm in height
  • Sealing bar with a useful width of 300 mm
  • Products up to 600 mm
  • Max 120 packages per minute.

Discover all the features of our flowpack machines by visiting the specific section. Contact us for more information or a free quote!

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