Food packaging: all the secrets of vacuum packaging

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Vacuum packaging is the method used to package food more efficiently: let’s see all the advantages and options of this type of packaging.
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Professional food packaging is mainly carried out in two ways: packaging with heat-shrinking film and vacuum packaging, each having its own specific purpose. In this article, we will see all the advantages of vacuum packaging food, which range from preservation properties to innovative culinary possibilities.

Vacuum packaging guarantees long-lasting food packaging

Vacuum packaging is undoubtedly the most suitable packaging method for those who need to package foods and preserve them for long periods. It is possible to extract almost all the air from the packaged product with a vacuum packaging machine, thus preventing proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms, such as fungi, which accelerate deterioration of foods.

Keep the organoleptic properties of food intact

Vacuum packaging has another enormous advantage: it keeps the flavours and smells of food intact as well as all their nutritional and organoleptic properties. If used for meat and fish, vacuum packaging makes the food incredibly tender since it covers all tissues with the liquids. If this type of packaging is used for fruit, it guarantees a shiny and very appealing outer appearance, thus increasing the skin’s porousness.

Cook special dishes that enhance tenderness and flavour

Until a few years back, it was difficult to think of a food packaging method that could be used for culinary purposes. However, vacuum packaging has proved to be an excellent instrument for starred restaurants, thus opening the doors to innovative culinary options.

Today, vacuum cooking, which is a method used to enhance the tenderness and flavours of food, is highly appreciated and guarantees excellent results in terms of uniformity. To obtain this type of cooking, you must package the foods in special vacuum bags and then cook them at low temperatures with specific instruments, like the one shown in the photo.


Mini Cook 15 for low-temperature vacuum cooking


Prepare marinades rapidly and with excellent results

All cooking enthusiasts love marinades - a process that adds a unique and mouth-watering taste to food. If years back it took several hours and patience to prepare marinades, vacuum packaging today makes it possible to obtain perfect marinades in extremely short times. A vacuum marinade is carried out by packaging food in special chamber machines, which, using specific programs, cover the depth of foods with the marinade liquids. All this is carried out in just a few seconds.


MVS45 XP has a special vacuum marinade program


This completes the vacuum overview, one of the most effective and versatile methods of packaging food. If you are personally interested in it, take a look at all the vacuum machines by minipack®-torre:


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