Horizontal packaging machine: packaging with no limits

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A horizontal packaging machine is the perfect solution for packaging a wide range of products quickly and accurately. Which are the main advantages of these machines?
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Sellers and manufacturers often face a major problem: how to obtain a packaging machine that is both quick and universal? Horizontal packaging machines are the ideal solution to this problem, as they can pack any type of product at high speed.

Minipack®-Torre manufactures two models of high-quality packaging machines, called PLEXI 30 and PLEXI 60: these horizontal bagging machines combine reliability and versatility with advanced technological solutions for processing large quantities of products. Let’s find out the advantages of these machines.

  • High packaging speed: thanks to the use of a horizontal flat reel system, both horizontal packaging machine models can reach significant packaging speeds. The PLEXI 30 model can package up to 30 items per minute, while the Minipack®-Torre PLEXI 60 can package twice as many items, i.e. 60 per minute. Speed and accuracy: an unrivalled combination for the best performance.
  • Versatility: PLEXI horizontal packaging machines are designed for packaging publications, but if combined with the Tunnel 50 Twin they become real all-rounders. In this configuration, the two machines may package any possible product within the allowed dimensions, such as CDs, video games, publications, home care and food products, components and various objects as well as drugs - to name just some examples of a virtually endless list.
  • Automatic mode: as both machines are fully automatic, no manual efforts are required during packaging cycles. Moreover, the machines may be set using an extremely user-friendly, state-of-the art display that boasts the most advanced electronics.


But the advantages of the PLEXI horizontal packaging machines are far from over: in addition to guaranteeing a competitive price and excellent value-for-money ratio, both machines ensure low energy consumption, generate no film waste during processing cycles and are compatible with the main packaging materials. This is yet another Minipack®-Torre solution perfectly tailored to the needs of professional packaging.


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