Horizontal packaging machine: packaging with no limits

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A horizontal packaging machine is the perfect solution for packaging various types of products quickly, accurately and safely. Which are the main models and advantages of these machines? Find out together with minipack®-torre.
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Various sellers and manufacturers often face a major problem: how to obtain a packaging machine that is both quick and universal? Horizontal packaging machines are the ideal solution to this problem, as they can pack any type of product at high speed.

In this article, we will discuss the following in detail:


Horizontal packaging machine: all minipack®-torre models

Minipack®-torre manufactures various top of the range horizontal packaging machine models. Let us see the various types in detail and some example models.


Shrink wrapping machines

A horizontal packaging machine for heat-shrink film is the ideal choice in many sectors, from food to pharmaceutical. Heat-shrunk packages are among the most resistant, compact and aesthetically pleasing. The range of packaging machines with a shrink oven includes the following models:

horizontal packaging machine heat shrink


Sleeve wrappers

The sleeve wrapper is the horizontal packaging machine that can pack large-sized packages with a much more resistant film than the others, in single or multiple packages. It is the most used machine for packaging bottles and jars. Minipack®-torre includes a vast range of packaging machine models:

  • manual, semi-automatic and automatic, for all production capacities;
  • 90° loading belt, which allows you to easily group small-medium sized products (cans, water bottles, canned products, etc.) before creating the bundle;
  • high speed, namely machines equipped with an inverter that allows a higher speed to be reached;
  • seamless film, which seal with the product in motion thereby saving significant time;
  • with a multi-line divider, which allows several products to be brought on the sealing line simultaneously, thereby accelerating the bundling process.

horizontal packaging machine - sleeve wrapper

Flow-pack horizontal packaging machines

A flow pack is a special horizontal packaging machine to pack baked goods, sweets and small non-food products in single packs. Packaging consists of the typical “pad” with 3 seals (one longitudinal, 2 at the ends); packaging is very quick and versatile.

With minipack®-torre, you can choose from various models, including Miniflow 400 EVO and Miniflow 600.

 horizontal packaging machine flow pack


The advantages of a horizontal packaging machine, from safety to speed

Horizontal packaging brings several advantages to production, such as:

  • product safety - packaging created by the horizontal packaging machines protects the products from external agents, thereby ensuring maximum hygiene and better conservation;
  • integrability - every horizontal packaging machine can be inserted in existing lines, thereby obtaining efficient automatic packaging systems;
  • production speed - the machine can function in fully automatic mode, relieving the operator from constant interventions to follow the packaging stages;
  • robustness - all horizontal packaging machines are made with high quality materials, such as stainless steel;
  • ease of use - from the loading stages to format change.

Any machine you will choose for your packaging department will pack any possible product within the allowed dimensions: food products, CDs, video games, publications, home care and food products, components and various objects as well as drugs - to name just some examples of a virtually endless list.


Find the most suitable minipack®️-torre horizontal packaging machine for your business.

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