Industrial vacuum packaging machines: speed and quality

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What are the essential features of the best industrial vacuum packaging machines? Let's find out in this article, and discover the vacuum machines designed by minipack®-torre for the industrial sector.
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When dealing with industrial vacuum packaging machines, and therefore, having to operate with many products, it is essential to rely on a top quality vacuum packaging machine, which can guarantee professional packaging quickly and flawlessly.

In this article we will see:


The features of a reliable industrial vacuum packaging machine

Here are the features that an industrial vacuum packaging machine should have:

  • Packaging speed: speed of operation is a very important characteristic to maximise packaging times and costs. The best industrial vacuum packaging machines must be designed with technological solutions and precautions intended specifically to guarantee maximum speed, thereby allowing you to operate on many products within a short time. 
  • Reliability over time: industrial vacuum packaging machines are subjected to massive volumes of work on a daily basis, with periods of continuous operation that span several hours. For this reason, the best industrial vacuum packaging machines are made of cutting edge materials, such as AISI 304 steel, a stainless steel alloy which is renowned for its excellent resistance and level of hygiene, given its ability to resist rust and corrosion for long periods of time.
  • Certifications: all the quality characteristics of the best industrial vacuum packaging machines are summarised in the EU certification, a brand governed by legal requirements that attest the top quality of the materials used and the safety of the machinery. The certification ensures that the packaging meets high level standards and that its operational functioning can sustain the rhythm and the requirements of professional industrial packaging.
  • Digitisation: speed and efficiency also derive from the possibility of controlling machine operation in a simple and immediate manner and to intervene on its setting in a few steps. For this reason, the latest generation industrial vacuum packaging machines are equipped with digital control panels that provide quick access to all the machine functions. 

These characteristics are included in all the models of industrial vacuum packaging machines offered by minipack®-torre. Let’s discover the best.

The SWING Line for industrial packaging 

Minipack®-torre SWING Line was designed in order to offer high quality industrial vacuum packaging machines. Here you can find some models:

  • MV 50 SWING INOX: this is an industrial vacuum packaging machine with 620 mm sealing bars and a stainless steel structure. It is built according to the EC regulations and is equipped with a volumetric analogue sensor in order to constantly control the vacuum process under ATM conditions. 


  • MV 75 SWING INOX: just like the previous model, this industrial machine too is fitted with a volumetric analogue sensor and is characterized by high technological level. Thanks to a voltage digital panel, it is possible to set up to 10 different programs.



  • MV 95 SWING INOX: This vacuum machine for industrial packing has sealing bars of 1100 mm and is equipped with many panels in order to easily control the packing process. It also has a Soft-Air device to ensure controlled air return.




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Chamber vacuum machines: perfect also for industrial productions

In addition to the models presented above, minipack®-torre also offers a range of chamber vacuum machines perfect for industrial packing, thanks to their high innovation and speed.

  • MVS31 XP: this model is part of the innovative XP line and has a sealing bar of 310 mm. Thanks to this industrial vacuum packaging machine, it is possible to trace the packing process and print labels with the most important information of the packaging operation.



  • MVS45 XP: this industrial vacuum sealer machine has a sealing bar of 450 mm and, like the model previously presented, is able to trace the packing process and print the main information. Also, it has a display that allows a quick setting of operations in order to make this machine more user friendly.




  • MVS52 XP: with a sealing bar of 530 MM, this vacuum machine for industrial packaging has convenient wheels to be easily moved anywhere. The control panel makes its use very easy as it allows you to quickly set the desired options. Moreover, thanks to some precious alert functions, it is possible to schedule all the assistance interventions necessary for the correct functioning of the machine.



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