Liquid packaging machines: perfect infusions and marinades

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Liquid packaging machines are very versatile machines that also allow for special preparations such as infusions or marinating foods. Minipack, thanks in part to collaboration with chefs and mixologists, has developed a model expressly dedicated to the catering industry: the MX 2. Let's find out about it.
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Liquid packaging machines meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses such as cocktail bars, cafeterias, restaurants or small artisan productions. 

They allow you to make special and much sought-after preparations, such as cold infusion, marinating, and sous-vide cooking. Minipack has developed a dedicated machine for chefs, bartenders and mixologists to marinate food products and prepare optimal infusions in no time. But its benefits certainly do not stop there.


MX 2 is not just a liquid packaging machine

MX 2 started as a vacuum packaging machine for liquid products, but it does much, much more.


  1. You can cook sous-vide, a low-temperature cooking technique that allows you to create unique flavors and recipes that would be difficult to achieve with traditional cooking methods. In fact, the MX 2 makes it possible to seal food hermetically, cook it at low temperatures evenly, and preserve the flavor and texture of food;
  2. You can choose to package in pouches, jars or bottles;
  3. You can preserve food, liquid or solid, safely and durably for longer periods, up to 5 times longer than traditional preservation;
  4. You can choose to make an infusion, a marinade (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) or a cocktail base. All in a matter of minutes and by simply choosing the desired option via the touch screen panel;
  5. In addition, it also allows you to pack hot liquids, an option not found in most machines on the market.

Each process takes only a few minutes, and the result is even better than the traditional infusion or marinating process that is up to 48 hours long.


In the video: the machine dealing with vacuum packaging jarred foods.


Why is MX 2 suitable for liquid packaging?

Ordinary vacuum machines with external suction are not suitable for vacuuming liquids. This is because, in addition to air, they also suck in the liquid itself, which is then lost.

To put liquids under vacuum, it is necessary to use a vacuum chamber machine, just like the MX 2. These types of professional packaging machines create a vacuum inside the chamber and thus any wrapper placed in the space inside them is vacuumed without direct suction from the wrapper.

The degree of vacuum obtained is very high (about 99.9%) and the result impeccable.


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Benefits of MX 2 for your business

The efficiency and versatility of MX 2 bring benefits in all respects:

  • reduces the waste of raw material;
  • improves the stowage of preparations;
  • extends the shelf life of products;
  • maintains the right moisture and hydration (for meat, fish and vegetables), as well as achieve a super soft texture;
  • enhances all the organoleptic properties;
  • keeps odors in the kitchen under control.

But the merits of our new liquid packaging machine are not over yet.


In addition, also design and usability

The MX 2 is equipped with a 5" color touch screen control panel that uses intuitive graphics to lead you to the desired operation in one touch. You can choose in a second whether to operate full vacuum for solid foods, softer vacuum for more delicate products, step vacuum for fragile products, vacuum for liquids, or packaging of products in bottles and containers.

The design is not left to chance either: the chamber is 175 mm deep, with cushioned closure. And you can choose from as many as 9 different colors.

Finally, thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth, you can program the cycle you want from your smartphone with just a touch.



This is just one of our proposals for liquid packaging. If you would like to learn more, request a one-on-one consultation or a free, no-obligation packaging test.

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