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Are you looking for a horizontal flow pack packaging machine for your business? Take a look at the minipack®-torre offer and discover all the features and advantages of our machines.
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The minipack®-torre horizontal flow pack packaging machines

Minipack®-torre offers two specific horizontal flow pack machine models:

MINIFLOW 400 EVO: is a new model designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations as much as possible. This horizontal flow pack packaging machine features 3 Brushless motors and a 7″ Touch-Screen panel for greater versatility in format changes that significantly facilitate packaging operations.

This model can pack products having a maximum dimension of 180 mm and has a capacity of 100 packs per minute.


MINIFLOW 600: this is a particularly versatile and technologically advanced horizontal flow pack packaging machine, ideal for businesses with especially high production requirements. Designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations for the customer as much as possible, it is ideal for packing baked products, pharmaceuticals and miscellaneous objects. Also in this case, it features 3 high-performance Brushless motors and a 7” Touch-Screen panel. It can pack products having a maximum dimension of 600 mm and has a maximum capacity of 120 packs per minute.


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How a horizontal flow pack packaging machine works

A horizontal flow pack machine is particularly suited for packaging fresh products, but also other types of products such as miscellaneous objects, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 

To proceed with this type of packaging, the products are placed inside a single packaging film (which can be made of various materials, such as BOPP, shrink film, OPA /PE laminates, etc.), which is then sealed in three points: two transverse and one longitudinal seal.

The result will be an aesthetically appealing but at the same time safe packaging. Therefore, the product will be suitable for placing on display shelves, retaining all its organoleptic properties.

As mentioned, a flow pack packaging machine is ideal for businesses that require high production flow rates, without foregoing precise, quality packaging.


Horizontal or vertical packaging machine: what is the difference? 

Packaging machines can be vertical or horizontal. The most suitable choice depends on the type of product to be packaged.

Horizontal packaging machines, such as the models offered by minipack®-torre, are suitable for packaging solid products, mainly in single packages, both for food and non-food products, such as:

  • Baked products;
  • Brioches, candy, sweets, bars, etc;
  • Individually packed pills or tablets;
  • Miscellaneous objects, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, etc.

Instead, vertical packaging machines are ideal for liquid, gelatinous or thick products, such as creams, powders or granulated products that are conveniently packaged by using the principle of gravity.

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