Nuts packaging machine: which model do you need?

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When dealing with the packaging of nuts, we often tend to consider only vertical packaging machines. However there are other alternatives that are just as practical and effective and have further advantages for the entire production. Discover the strong suits of minipack®-torre vacuum packed models and bagging machines.
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This article will allow you to find out the advantages of some types of packaging machines recommended for the nut sector. Let’s take a look:


The nuts packaging machine by minipack®-torre

Vertical packaging machines: a classic you can count on

A vertical packaging machine is the ideal solution when you need to quickly bag small quantities of nuts in hermetically sealed packages, of different formats and with different types of film.


X-BAG evo - the bagging machine that simplifies management of the packaging department

nuts packaging machine xbag

X-BAG evo represents a valid alternative to manual bagging, which takes lots of time, but also to automatic bagging carried out with larger and more complex machines. Its compactness and ease of use allows it to bag any type of nuts in less time and with really minimum consumption.


Strong suits:

  • versatility;
  • two different types of sealing: electronically controlled constant temperature for horizontal sealing, continuous with controlled air flow for vertical sealing;
  • reduction of processing times and of packaging used, for guaranteed saving.


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Vacuum packaging machines: the recommended models

Our range dedicated to vacuum packaging includes both machines for small businesses, and technologically advanced industrial models. Here are two examples from our broad catalogue that best adapt to nuts packaging.

MVS35 X - countertop vacuum packaging machine

nuts packaging machine vacuum

By working together with top chefs during the design and manufacturing of the packaging machine, we have been able to extend the features provided by the control panel by taking into account the specific needs of professional users.


This chamber vacuum packaging machine also has the optional extra of a kit for the insertion of inert gases.


Strong suits:

  • aesthetics;
  • compactness;
  • safety system against the risk of overheating of the sealing bars.


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MV 50 SWING INOX - industrial vacuum packaging machine in stainless steel

nuts packaging machine swing

Equipped with a movable chamber, this packaging machine reaches high standards of reliability, sturdiness and durability, always guaranteeing the maximum packaging quality of nuts or of any other food product.

Strong suits:

  • high-speed in the packaging process, with no effort;
  • quality of the materials and of the structure, made in AISI 304 stainless steel according to EC standards.


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These are just some of our offers for nuts packaging. Ask for advice or a free packaging test to have packaging machines that make your products even more competitive on the market.


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