Packaging machines for the food industry: a display to keep track of everything

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The best packaging machines for the food industry ensure ideal management thanks to innovative control displays. Let’s find out what advantages they offer.
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Packaging machines dedicated to the food industry today boast highly advanced technology: they are increasingly independent and accurate, while requiring truly minimal routine maintenance.  Managing a packaging machine can become very complicated, especially when you need to produce large quantities of packages: that’s why more and more packaging machines these days are equipped with control displays.

What additional functions does a good control display provide?

  1. It provides information about the packaging: for example, the degree of vacuum or the percentage of carbon dioxide in the package. This kind of information is often crucial in order to assess vacuum quality and thereby, know how long food will be preserved.
  2. Alert in the event of technical problems: the best packaging machines for the food industry have displays that show preliminary information directly on the screen, regarding any operating issues the machine may have. This allows you to have a general status overview of the machine even before opening it and quickly understand whether more specific technical service is necessary to restore it to ideal conditions. Sometimes the problem might be simply that the oil needs to be changed, and in this case, a display that can communicate that is extremely useful in avoiding needless maintenance.
  3. It ensures the option of creating product categories: this is another function that is not always a given, but is usually offered by the most innovative packaging machines for the food industry. Creating product categories allows you to import a different packaging programme for each of them, save the programme, and retrieve it with the touch of a button any time you need it.
  4. It has a labelling function: the option of labelling is another state-of-the-art function that not every packaging machine for the food industry has. In this blog, we’ve already addressed all the advantages a professional packaging machine with an automatic labelling system has to offer even for small food and gastronomy businesses. Labels give customers information about the product they are purchasing and the food sector generally tends to favour labelled products over non-labelled. As such, a simple sticker on the container can give packaged products significant competitive advantages.


Minipack®-torre manufactures a wide range of vacuum packaging machines for the food industry, equipped with advanced technology like innovative, interactive, easy-to-use displays. At the top of the range, the displays have all the previously listed functions and are able to make any packaging operation look like child’s play.


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