Shrink packing machine: 5 minipack®-torre models for all your requirements

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Every shrink packing machine by minipack®-torre is designed to fulfil a specific packaging requirement. We present 5 professional models having the most varied features, but mainly associated by their ease of use.
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The shrink packing machines represent the original core of production by minipack®-torre. In fact, since the beginning, the company focused on implementing new packaging solutions for packing with shrink film, given its numerous applications that range from the food industry to the pharmaceutical sector.

With a chamber, angular or continuous sealing; manual, semi-automatic or automatic: for every packing requirement, minipack offers a highly technological solution with proven quality and high production 100% Made in Italy.

Let’s take a look at the 5 models:

  • FM75EVO
  • FM76A EVO
  • PRATIKA 56

FM75EVO: shrink packing machine that focuses on safety

The first shrink packing machine from the range is FM75EVO, which represents the synthesis of the innovative effort by minipack®-torre in its 40 years of history.

  • The machine, a manual chamber shrink packing machine, is designed with steel resistors that ensure excellent results by drastically decreasing the shrinking and heating times by fifty per cent.
  • Not only, the liquid cooling mechanism of the sealing bar improves productivity and end results.
  • The Soft Shrink system enables fan speed adjustment, thus ensuring production of perfectly shrink wrapped packages, also when processing flexible or light products.
  • The Fan Stop function immediately stops the fan upon opening the chamber, thereby keeping the heat generated by the resistors inside and thus increasing energy savings by 20%.

Innovation also involves the electronic components: the latest generation board is designed specifically with high quality parts and the 4-digit screen enables the operator to interface with the instrument with ease.


FM76A EVO: automation and standard PLC

From among the automatic chamber packing machines, we must mention FM76A EVO, which represents the natural evolution of one of the leading products.

The innovation mainly comprises the new programming interface: the control logic is managed by a Schneider Electric PLC, which can be accessed from a door on the front. Maintenance is thus further facilitated and supported by a USB port provided for prompt software updating.

A touch screen panel, in 8 languages, stores up to 10 customised programs, one for each specific requirement: in addition, this shrink packing machine can also be used in automatic and manual mode, the latter operating with a single work cycle.

Which chamber shrink packing machine is most suitable for your business? Discover them all!


MEDIA: shrink packing machine with incorporated tunnel

The feature that distinguishes the packaging machines from the MEDIA range is their compactness: the sealing unit and shrinking tunnel are situated in a single-unit structure.

Being a semi-automatic angular sealer, MEDIA is the ideal solution for medium-large companies: besides the system that adjusts the speed, height and temperature of packaging in the shrinking tunnel, it is also possible to adjust the sealing time.

For specific application in the pharmaceutical and food industries, minipack has also designed a version with a Steel IT paint coating: resistant to wear, against corrosion from humidity and chemical agents, and is always clean and sanitised.


PRATIKA 56: 100% automatic packaging

Each shrink packing machine from the PRATIKA range represents complete excellence and innovation that distinguishes minipack®-torre production.

Angular, completely automatic, with a standard belts approaching system: PRATIKA 56 has all the advantageous features of a machine that is compatible with industry 4.0 standards, which are translated into high technological content and complete reliability.

The result is a machine that multiplies production of a normal shrink packing machine and improves the operating experience of every operator.


PRATIKA 56-T MPS: no length limit

The latest model we present has succeeded in surpassing the normal limits of a shrink packing machine. PRATIKA 56-T MPS is equipped with a Side Seal device for continuous sealing: no length limit for packages; therefore, they can reach 400 mm wide and 240 mm long.

Not only, there is no need to connect to a compressed air system: the machine is a full electric type.

Schneider Electric PLC, colour touch screen panel, movement of the blade with a Brushless motor, guards to protect the operator, automatic control cycle on start-up: these functions, as well as others, make PRATIKA 56-T MPS the most innovative model among minipack®-torre packaging machines.

The unique features of the PRATIKA range do not end here: discover all of them and choose the machine suitable for you.


The shrink packing machine has numerous applications: if you require consultation or would like to request a free quotation, please contact us with no obligation.

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