Shrink wrap machine: how is packaging film made?

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Why choose a shrink wrap machine? This article will present the advantages of the packaging film used in these machines.
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A shrink wrap machine is based on the application of a film, namely a film made with a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene which, at high temperatures, shrinks to adhere perfectly to the body of the product.

This technology offers a series of advantages which make it particularly functional for packaging any kind of product:

  • Versatility: shrink wrap film can be used on any type of package. Special shrink wrap films are designed for food packaging, while other types are suitable for packaging non-food products. The shrink capacity of the film allows it to adhere to products of any shape and size.
  • Protection: on a shrink wrap machine, the film is completely wrapped around products and provides a protective barrier that helps keep them intact and clean.
  • Water tightness: the film used by shrink wrap machines is waterproof. Accordingly, the products are always protected against rain and humidity. Also, especially for fruit and vegetables, special antifog films are used, which prevent the formation of condensation and therefore fogging of the package.
  • Strength: although it feels soft, shrink wrap film is strong and easily supports the stress of transport and storage.
  • Aesthetics: shrink wrap machines guarantee the best aesthetic yield of the packaged products. In fact, these machines create uniform packages, very pleasing to the eye. It is no coincidence that shrink wrap machines are among the most commonly used for packaging in many industrial sectors.


Minipack®-torre shrink wrap machines

For over forty years, Minipack®-torre has been designing and manufacturing cutting edge shrink wrap machines, with models suitable for every packaging need. It was precisely through the revolutionary idea of a hood shrink wrap machine, in fact, that the company was founded in the seventies, launching an innovative manual machine that made professional packaging accessible to small businesses as well. The range of minipack®-torre shrink wrap machines is now distinguished as a series of products suitable for companies of all sizes.

  • Manual shrink wrap machines: these are hood machines belonging to the FM and REPLAY series, available at affordable prices, easy to use and adapt to occasional and limited use. These machines are ideal for small businesses.
  • Semi-automatic shrink wrap machines: available in hood (REPLAY series) and angular (MODULAR series) models, semi-automatic shrink wrap machines make it possible to easily choose the quickest packaging method for the occasion. These are ideal for medium or small businesses requiring more frequent packaging.
  • Automatic shrink wrap machines: machines in the PRATIKA series, they are the most highly performing and efficient in the category. These are automatic machines suitable for large businesses.


Do you want more information on shrink wrap machines? Check out the entire minipack®-torre range!


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