Vacuum packaging: how does it work?

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The vacuum packaging preserves food in a safe and durable way. Discover how does it work!
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One of the greatest dangers that food can encounter, especially if fresh and rich in liquids, is to undergo a physical or chemical alteration due to the bacterial microorganisms present in the air this is why vacuum packaging is one of the widely used methods in the food industry. Vacuuming food immediately after it is produced is the best way of preserving its organoleptic qualities and nutritional values. Thanks to the total elimination of air from the packaging, the food maintains the nutritional properties intact together with the aroma and flavour, thereby offering a top quality product: its exquisiteness is frozen and preserved until it is time to be consumed.

But what exactly does the vacuum packaging process consist of?

First of all, the air is drawn from the package and eliminated by means of an extractor. After which the package is sealed hermetically so that the air can no longer enter therein. The air can be extracted using external suction machines or chamber machines: the choice of the machine, in general, is determined by the type of food that is to be packaged. 


Vacuum packaging machines with external suction Savevac


By eliminating the air, a hostile environment is prepared for aerobic microorganisms, such as mould and bacteria which, in the absence of oxygen, die and do not alter the organoleptic properties (colour, texture and aroma) and nutrients (proteins, vitamins and starches) of food. Moreover, vacuum preservation leads to the drying process: water at low pressure evaporates and is released outwards. A dry environment slows down the creation of bacteria and mould.

In short, vacuum packaging allows for the fragrance and aroma of freshly cooked food, thereby ensuring maximum hygiene.


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