Chocolate packing machine: features and solutions

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What is the most suitable chocolate packing machine solution? In this article we will find out about the main features of this confectionery item and how to best pack it.
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How to best carry out chocolate packing? Which is the most suitable packing machine for perfect preservation of this loved but delicate confectionery item? 

In this article, we will look at:


The difficulties of chocolate packing

The preservation of chocolate, undoubtedly one of the most popular items of confectionery worldwide, requires special care, as it is a rather delicate food.

Chocolatepacking is indeed far from simple as its organoleptic properties can be easily altered. What is the main cause? Temperature, for sure, as a matter of fact:

  • Its melt point is around 28°C, which is the reason why in the summer, when temperatures might be much higher, it is very important to pay attention to its storage;
  • Another “defect” of chocolate is the fact that its features change whenever its state changes. For instance, should it solidify again after it has melted, its texture turns quite rough. If however it is exposed to an excessive change in temperature, it is subject to a separation of the fat which rises to the surface of chocolate and crystallises, creating an unsightly white bloom. 

In order to be considered high quality and safe, chocolate packing must therefore feature good resistance to light, moisture, oxygen and odours, which is exactly what a flow-pack machine can offer.


Why flow-pack machines are the best for chocolate packing

The best chocolate packing solution is certainly to use a flow-pack machine, very suitable for the preservation of foodstuff. 

This type of machine produces individual packs as follows: the product to be packed is placed in film, which is sealed lengthwise at one point and crosswise at two more points. In this way, safe, high quality and aesthetically appealing packs are produced quickly.

The various advantages of this type of packing – very widespread especially in the industrial sector – include: 

  • The great energy efficiency which assures significant cost savings; 
  • Lower production of scraps which ensures higher environmental sustainability;
  • High packing speed which not only assures great savings in terms of time, but also the certainty that chocolate is packed perfectly with no risk of melting;
  • High quality materials that assure excellent integrity and safety of the product;
  • Excellent “barrier” effect which eliminates the risk of product contamination by external agents;
  • Option to customise the packs according to the customer’s requests.


Some recommended models of minipack®-torre

Minipack®-torre is one of the main flow wrap suppliers and offers a wide range of flow-pack chocolate packing machines. Let’s look at some of them:

  • MINIFLOW 400 EVO: this chocolate packing machine is designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations as much as possible. It is fitted with 3 Brushless motors and a 7″ Touch-Screen panel for quick and accurate format change. Highly technological and reliable, this model can pack products with a maximum 180 mm band and reaches a speed of 100 packs a minute. Thanks to several optional features, the already excellent performance of this machine can be further enhanced.


  • MINIFLOW 600: this model features a high technological level, indeed it reaches fairly impressive production rates. This packing machine is also fitted with 3 Brushless motors and features an Easy Inspection system for excellent maintenance and cleaning. Thanks to the “No product No bag” photocell, there is no risk of uselessly producing empty bags. With a production capacity of 120 packs a minute, this machine can pack products with a maximum 600 mm band.




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